29 Sep 2015

School Uniform Price List

Dear parents and carers,

Please find below that latest prices for our school uniform. 

This price list is effective from today, 29 Sep 15, and supersedes all previous price lists.
Sweatshirt  € 13
Fleece    € 17
Polo shirt, with logo  € 8
Book bag    € 5
Sun hat      € 5
PE kit (full set, including bag)  € 12
PE T-shirt € 5
PE Shorts  € 6
PE Bag   € 4
Tracksuit   € 20

25 Sep 2015

Head Teacher's message 25th September.

Weekly News.
Dear parents and children,
This week has seen lots of children helping with jobs around school. Recently we asked for volunteers to help with gardening, watering the indoor plants, clearing the hall at lunchtime and helping younger children on the playground. I have been very impressed with the number of children who came forward to help. They have all shown a brilliant team spirit!

Letter regarding comments and suggestions about our communication with you
Thank you for the returned letters. I have summarised the points raised and you will be receiving a copy of this.

Website HELP!!
Some of you mentioned that the website could be improved. Is there anyone out there who has the skills and the time to help us with this? If so please contact me.

Attendance award
The following classes put a smiley face on the chart in the hall: Year 4 and FS 2 with 98%- well done!

We have been talking about what makes an effective learner. The teaching team spent time on the recent training day discussing this and have agreed on the following list which we are calling the 5 R’s! This half term we will be showing the children what responsibility means. On Wednesday I did an assembly with Years 1- 6 at which we looked at how ants worked together to get a job done. Each one had their own responsibility!

School Council will be exploring ways to display our 5 R’s at the next meeting.

The power of the 5 R’s to make me a life-long learner…
Risk taking 
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Mason  

Dates in red are new or amended. More dates to follow
29th Year 5 visit to Bielefeld Arminia football stadium.

1st No school clubs
1st and 2nd School closed to pupils for teacher training.
6th School Council meeting
8th Accelerated Reader launch for parents at 2pm.
9th Fijian day in school.
13th Maths workshop for parents at 10 am.
14th Parents’ lunch- please return reply slip, at the very latest by Monday 28 September. Last chance!
15th 9.30 am Parents coffee morning with an opportunity to meet with the agencies who work in school e.g the Speech and Language therapist and Educational Psychologist.
Reading workshop for parents at 1.15 pm- please note change of date
16th FS 1 Stay and Play
FS 2 Stay and Play 2.15pm
19th Year 4 Roman Day
20, 21, 22 Parents’ meetings NB. NO CLUBS THIS WEEK
22nd Year 3 visit to Hindu temple.
23rd End of term. Normal closure time.

2nd- School reopens.
12th Reading workshop for parents at 1.15 pm

Bielefeld School Calendar 2015-2016

Dear parents and carers,

Please be aware of a change in an INSET day next year, as shown below.

Thank you
Autumn Term 2015

Inset Days Thursday 1st October & Friday 2nd October

Half Term Monday 26th to Friday 30th October

Last Day of Term Friday 18th December (1.15pm finish)

Spring Term 2016

Inset Day Monday 4th January

First Day of Term Tuesday 5th January

Half Term Monday 15th to Friday 19th February

Last Day of Term Wednesday 23rd March (1.15pm finish)

Summer Term 2016

First Day of Term Monday 11th April

Half Term Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 

Inset Day Friday 1st July

Last Day of Term Wednesday 20th July (1.15pm finish)

18 Sep 2015

Year 5. Week 2. 18th September.

We hope you had a lovely summer – the children have certainly returned well-rested and ready for the challenges of the new academic year.  We would also like to welcome the new starters at Bielefeld School to our class, who have settled in extremely well.

This week has been incredibly busy, with the children starting new topics in all the different areas of the curriculum. 

In English, we have looked at discursive writing and have spent time introducing the children to the Accelerated Reading programme.  The children have been really engaged with this exciting new initiative and have enthusiastically completed the quizzes associated to their books.

In maths, we have been revising place value, reading and writing 5 digit numbers in words and figures as well as completing place value additions and subtractions.  Mrs Porter and I have been immensely impressed by the positive attitude displayed by all of the children to maths.  Well done!

In topic, our study of World War 2 commenced with the children being transported back in time to 1940 to study The Battle of Britain, experiencing what it would have felt like to have lived through air raids.Homework
Unless otherwise stated, all homework should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.

Maths  The children should revise their times tables in preparation for starting their challenges again next week.

Spelling  The spelling list was sent home on Tuesday after the spelling lesson.  The children should practise their spellings on four separate occasions during the week (as indicated on the sheet.)  The children will have a spelling test every Monday.

Reading The children should continue to read at least 5 times a week at home and record this in their journal.

Music Mr Reeves will set homework in his lesson on Tuesday which needs to be completed and returned to school by Friday of the same week.

Thank you for your support.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Scannell and Mrs Porter

Headteacher Message.

Weekly Round up

Dear parents and children,

This week as part of this term’s work Year 3 tasted some beautiful Nepalese food. FS 1 enjoyed the story of the “Three Little Pigs” and FS 2 worked with Mr Fidler to create some super animal drawings. I worked alongside some of our Year 2 children who have been working hard on their maths – great job on ordering 2 digit numbers! I have also been taught a great deal about computer coding by children in Years 4, 5 and 6. We have been lucky to have reasonable weather and been able to enjoy Forest Schools and PE outside.

Letter regarding comments and suggestions about our communication with you
Thank you for your returned letters. I will collate the responses and feedback to you next week.

Attendance award
The following classes put a smiley face on the chart in the hall: Years 1, 2 and 4 with 100%- well done!

School Council News.
This week the children discussed/ asked.

We need a timetable for the KS 1 and 2 football pitches and play areas.

Why don’t KS 2 children always get fruit as a snack?

The coat hooks upstairs do not give us enough room.

KS 2 School Council members have been asked to find out if the older children think a school “Tuck Shop” is a good idea- Watch this space!

Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mason   

29th Year 5 visit to Bielefeld Arminia football stadium.

1st No school clubs

1st and 2nd School closed to pupils for teacher training.

6th School Council meeting

8th Accelerated Reader launch for parents at 2pm.

9th Fijian day in school.

13th Maths workshop for parents at 10 am.

14th Parents lunch- please return reply slip.

15th Reading workshop for parents at 1.15 pm.

16th FS 1 Stay and Play and FS 2 Stay and Play 2.15pm

25th Sep – Phonics/reading meeting  2-3pm

29th/30th Sep – Individual parent meetings in the afternoons  (letter to follow)

20, 21, 22 Parents’ meetings NB. NO CLUBS THIS WEEK

22nd Year 3 visit to Hindu temple.

23rd End of term. Normal closure time.

2nd- School reopens.

FS 2 Week 2. 18th September

The weeks are flying by now and next week is the last week of part time for FS2! This week the children have really enjoyed using the patio area and have accessed lots of counting and mark making activities (hence the sticky labels that some children made for each other on their clothing!).

The children look forward to discovering who the special helper of the day will be and particularly relish the opportunity of being in charge of the milk shop (and the till).  We will be using the milk shop as a vehicle to build on their mathematical development – so watch this space!

Important!  Unfortunately there is a change of date for the phonics/reading meeting and it will now be held on Friday 25th September – sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Dates for your diary
25th Sep – Phonics/reading meeting  2-3pm
29th/30th Sep – Individual parent meetings in the afternoons  (letter to follow)
16th October – Stay and Play 2.15pm – 3.10pm (details to follow)

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or make comments in your child’s journal and we will endeavour to answer as best we can.  Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another exciting week to come.

FS2 Team

FS 1 Week 2- 18th September

The children have enjoyed some traditional tales this week and are getting quite good at joining in the repeated phrases of “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down” and “This chair is too hard, this chair is too soft and this chair is just right”. Have a go at home with your own version of “The three little pigs” and “Goldilocks and the three bears” – you’ll be amazed how much your children can join in the stories.

We have also been finding out about some of your children’s favourite things from “Rapunzel” to dinosaurs to “Thomas the tank engine”. Please let us know about more of their favourite things in your home/school journal.

Thank you for sending in their wellies this week. We’ve been practising putting on our puddle suits – and we’ve needed them too. Fingers crossed for some sunny days next week.

The children have enjoyed going to the gym and are learning to do different jumps, balance walking on the bench and are practising the “roly, poly” on the mats. Well done!

Snack next week: Beans on toast, yoghurt & shortbread, hotdogs, muffins & jam, mini pizzas

Dates for your calendar:
Please note that the school will be closed on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd October for Teachers’ Inset days.

We break up for half term holidays on Friday 23rd October.

For more information, please see the school website www.bielefeldschool.com

Thank you for your support,

The FS1 Team

Year 1. Week 2 18th September

The children have been working very hard this week.

Our work in English for the next few weeks will be based around the story called Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. At the moment we are developing story book language by retelling the story with words and actions, using the Talk for Writing approach. 

For homework this week we have put a copy of the story map into their homework book. All the children are familiar with this, and we would like you to encourage them to use it to retell the story to you.  We hope you all enjoy this and have lots of fun!

In maths we have been continuing to do addition and some of us have found out that adding can be done in any order!

Next week we are going to change each child’s reading books every Monday.  Each child will bring home at least five books which they can read throughout the week.  When they return them to school the following Monday morning they will be able to choose another five books for that week. 

Please remember that the children will need to have their Forest School kit in school on a Tuesday and their PE kits in school on a Wednesday. It is advisable that the children have waterproofs for Forest Schools as we will be outside even if it is raining!

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Angela Hawker,   Mrs Alison Halstead. 

Year 2. Week 2- 18th September.

Another great week for Year 2! Mrs Titley, Mrs Mouat and myself have been really impressed with how quickly the children have settled into the Year 2 routine.
This week we have started our new English unit on story writing. I really enjoyed reading your cold write and was very impressed by what you already know! We have started to learn the story of The Papaya that spoke and next week we will be exploring the text and how it has been written.
In Maths we have been revising how to order numbers by looking at the tens digit first. We have also learnt the mathematical signs < and > with the help of Charlie Crocodile.
In Science we have investigated the characteristics of living things. Ask your child about MRS NERG – can they remember what it stands for?
Homework this week is Maths based – please complete the enclosed sheet and also practise halves and doubles of numbers to 20 as the children need to learn these off by heart.
Have a great weekend J

Year 2 Team

Year 3 Week 2- 18th September

We have had a very busy week! We really enjoyed the samosas, momos, aloo dam and not forgetting the masala chai!. A great start to our Indian/Diwali theme.

In English this week we have been working ontelling and retelling the story of Rama and the demon king. We created story maps to help us follow the structure of the story.

 In mathematics Mr.Askew has looked at different strategies for adding; such as using knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help. Mr.Kerray's set have been working on partition and recombining of two and three digit numbers.

In  R.E we have introduced the Trimurti of deities in Hindu religion.

In computing we have worked on sprites for coding.

Mr.Fidler has taught graduated colour mixing in art. 

We used our story knowledge of Rama and the demon king to help us complete some team activities at Forest schools.

Remember Forest schools every Monday from now on,so please remember your kit.

Thanks for your returns for the Mohnesee residential, more news will follow.

Remember to continue reading daily with your child, 10 minutes daily practise will really help them to improve.

Make sure you also discuss the book you have read, again this is an important reading skill that the children need to develop. 

Please return homework folders every Wednesday so that new homework can be added.

Please bring PE kits into school on Monday, we will send them home on Friday.  

Many thanks for your support 

Martin Askew, David Kerray, Helen Jefferys,Wendy Fuller.

Year 4 - Week 2. 18th September

It’s been a worrying week in Year 4 after reading in the ‘newspaper’ about an ogre being spotted in the woodlands around Bielefeld!  But do not despair!  The children have been learning ‘How to Trap an Ogre’ during our Literacy work this week.  We have used techniques from ‘Talk for Writing’ to recite a set of instructions using a text map and actions to help us remember them.  The children have also begun to use the features of instructions to begin to write their own.

In Maths this week, Miss Hart’s group have been ordering and comparing 3-digit number using the inequality signs (< or >). The children have also been solving addition and subtraction calculations of 2-digit numbers mentally.  Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been finding pairs of numbers that total 10 and have been adding or subtracting to the next or previous multiple of 100 with 3-digit numbers.  The children have also been subtracting 3-digit numbers by counting up to find a difference and we have worked on adding several numbers together.

During Science, the children have continued with their work on habitats and have looked at different habitats and which animals might live in them.  Our Forest Schools session further enhanced this work.  The children have been identifying different habitats in the local environment and have worked together in groups to create a habitat.  We are looking forward to next week’s session to see if any creatures have moved in!

With Mr Fidler in DT, the children have begun to explore lever mechanisms and designed and made a Roman soldier with a moving arm ready to go into battle!

Homework for this week:
Maths - Both groups have had a game allocated from www.activelearnprimary.co.uk The children all have their log-ins and passwords for this website and the school code is x677. 
Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have ‘Cave Commotion’ to play.  The children need to find pairs of numbers that total 100.  Miss Hart’s group have ‘Sea-Shack Smash’ to play!  The children need to add and subtract 2-digit numbers.
Spellings - A new set of spelling words to learn will be sent home on Tuesday.
Reading - Please ensure that your child reads every day for at least 10 minutes and records their reading in their journals.  Many journals are coming to school empty journals so it is hard for us to monitor their reading.

A gentle reminder: - Can you please ensure that your child has appropriate waterproof footwear, trousers and coat for our Forest schools session.  Trainers are not suitable for the activities that the children are working on.
Please can you also make sure that your child brings a coat with them to school every day, as the weather is very changeable at the moment.

Thank you for your support.
Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Pond-Barrett     Miss Hart      Mrs Goddard      Mrs Whitaker