21 Nov 2014

Year FS1 Week 47 2014

Gingerbread man work 
This week the children have really enjoyed listening to The Gingerbread Man story and they are getting very good at sequencing the story and they happily join in with “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man.” Next week we will be baking some gingerbread biscuits and enjoying lots more activities connected to the story.

We have been having great fun in our puddle suits, splashing in the mud and also “cooking” in the mud kitchen. 

Could all parents make sure that the children have their wellies in school and could you also check that they still fit, as it seems some children have had a growth spurt recently. Lots of our spare wellies are getting really old and worn and so need to be thrown out now. 

"Good morning, Bielefeld School" 
As the weather turns colder, please send your children in with hats, scarves and gloves, labelled with their names if possible to avoid losing them.

Next week we will let you know about the very special FS1 Christmas production.

Snack next week: mini pizzas, muffins, cheese & crackers, fruit tarts, hotdogs.

Dates for your calendar: The end of the Autumn term is Friday 19th December. Please note there will no afternoon EDC that day. Spring term will start on Tuesday 6th January as Monday 5th January is an Inset day for teachers and the school will be closed.

Thank you for your support, The FS1 Team

Year FS2 Week 47 2014

Vegetable Shopping This Week 
This week we have been learning all about Autumn and Hibernation. The children have been listening to stories about different animals that hibernate during the winter months. 

We have been out and about looking at the Autumn leaves and their beautiful colours. We have been learning to use paint to mix colours to make a range of shades and tints that are similar to the colours of the leaves that we found on our walk. 

Autumnal Mixing Colours 
We have been making a story map of the story of “Stone Soup” and the children have been looking at a range of vegetables to make their own soup with. They all enjoyed trying it! 

In our Role Play Areas we are developing our own vegetable shops with the children; they are currently planning what vegetables they would like in the shop. 

Thank you all so much for all of your support with our “Children in Need” Stay and Play session. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as the children did. 

Here are some dates for your Diary:
  • Tuesday  2nd December at 2.00pm-3.00pm -FS2 Reading Meeting for parents
  • Tuesday 9th December at 10.30am-11.30am- FS2 Christmas Stay Play 
Many thanks for all of your help and support. The FS2 Team

Year 1 Week 47 2014

Measuring and Comparing Lengths 
In Literacy, this week, each class has changed the animal in the story “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by Judith Kerr. The children have used “Talk for Writing” to help them retell, then write, the story. Everybody tried hard to include interesting words, connectives, capital letters and full stops in their independent “Big Write”. Well done!

In Mathematics, we have been using common words to describe position and direction. Please ask your child how we can use our hands to remember which direction is “left”. We have also been measuring and comparing lengths and heights of a variety of objects. We look forward to looking at the measuring homework next week.

Warm Outdoor Clothing: Please check that your child brings named gloves and hat every day, as well as a warm, waterproof coat. We would like all the children to be as comfortable as possible during their outdoor breaks. 

Year 1 Assembly: We would like to invite all Year 1 parents/carers to our assembly on Tuesday 2nd December at 10.10 in the school hall. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Miss Caunter

Year 2 Week 47 2014

English Literacy - instruction writing 
It’s been another busy week in Year Two.

In English, both classes have been working on creating sets of instructions. We have been looking at time connectives, adjectives, imperative verbs and even rhetorical questions!

This unit has ended with Miss Mead’s class writing a set of instructions telling new children how to get to the Forest School area and Mrs Halstead’s class have written a set of instructions explaining the morning routine.

In Maths, Miss Mead’s group have been adding multiples of 10 to two digit numbers.  Mrs Halstead’s group have been doing the same using hundred squares.

In Forest Schools the children spent time looking at how the site has changed in the past couple of months.  As the weather is getting colder, please send in lots of layers and hats, gloves and scarves as well as waterproofs as part of your child’s Forest School kit.  We will be continuing to go up to the site whatever the weather!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the parent meetings next week.

Miss Mead, Mrs. Halstead and the Year Two team.

Year 3 Week 47 2014

Boys Writing Poetry 
The children have worked really hard this week!

In Literacy  we have completed a unit on poetry where the children have written their own descriptive poem based on the poem The Magic Box.

In mathematics this week Mr.Kerray's set have been revising multiples of 2, 5 and 10 with an introduction to multiples of 4 using the 'double and double again' strategy.  Mr.Askew's set has been working on money and associated problems.

In I.C.T the children enjoyed developing their powerpoint presentation on the Gunpowder Plot using transitions and animations.

In R.E. we had collaborative ideas on how we can defeat 'global demons', using these to compose a class poem.

In music Mr Reeves worked with the children on songs that they will be singing in their Christmas production.

Mr.Fidler continued with his unit on textiles involving embroidery skills.

There is mathematics and English homework this week. Could this please be handed in on Wednesday so the following weeks homework can be added.

Diwali Assembly - all Year 3 parents are cordially invited to our assembly next Friday (28th) at 10 am.


  • Remember to continue reading daily with your child, 10 minutes daily practice will really help them to improve. You could also discuss together the book you have read, again this is an important reading skill that the children need to develop. Please keep signing your child's journal to indicate that you have read with your child. Many thanks.
  • Please bring PE kits into school on Monday, we will send them home on Friday.

  Many thanks for your support Mr Askew and Mr Kerray

Year 4 Week 47 2014

The fascinating science of liquids 
In Literacy this week, we have begun to look at writing our own set of instructions for, ‘How to trap a dragon’.  The children have applied what they have learnt so far about instruction writing to their own versions.

In Maths, Mrs Scannell’s group been looking at measurement.  The children have estimated measure the capacity of different containers, measuring to the nearest 50ml or 100ml.  They have also measured length in cm and mm.  

Fire starting
Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have begun to understand place value in decimals and have matched tenths and 1-place decimal numbers. The children have ordered and placed decimals and tenths on a number line and have also started divide a 2-digit number by 10 to get a decimal number.

Has it gone out?  
In Topic, the children have begun to think about why the Romans invaded Britain and taken part in some ‘training’ for the Roman army and how to be a well-disciplined Roman legionary!

In Art with Mr Fidler, the children have completed their work on Roman mosaics and have produced some pleasing pieces. 

In Music, we have started to learn some songs for our Christmas production.  The children have really impressed us with how quickly they have learnt some tricky pieces of music.

Homework – Please see homework folders.

  • Maths – Please continue working on recalling times table facts with corresponding division facts.
  • Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group – The children have a decimal and fractions activity to complete.
  • Mrs Scannell’s group – The children have an activity related to the capacity work that have covered this week.
  • Spellings – A new set of spelling  words will be sent home on Monday.
  • Reading – Please remember to continue to listen to your child read at least 5 times a week and record this in their journals.  

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend! We look forward to seeing you all at our Parent-Teacher meetings next week!

Mrs Pond-Barrett and Mrs Scannell

Year 5/6 Week 47 2014 - Arnhem


Years 5 and 6 have been on a trip to Arnhem, in The Netherlands, this week. They had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal. The children thank all of the adults who made the trip possible. No doubt, the children were a credit to Bielefeld School.

FOBSTombola Mufti Day - Fri 28 Nov

Fayres of Christmas Past 
Next Friday we have a Mufti Day, in readiness for the F.O.B.S. Christmas Fayre. You can wear whatever you like … but to do so, it would be fantastic if everyone could bring in a small, inexpensive toy that will go into the Toy Tombola at the Christmas Fayre. Thank you. The collection point will be near the school office next Friday.

But make sure you wear something warm to play outside at playtime and lunch time, as we don’t want you getting ill before Christmas.

Mums and Dads, have another look in your cellars and lofts and send in all your unwanted games, cuddly toys, C.D.s, D.V.D.s, books and general bric-a brac. Make sure they are in good condition, without pages or pieces missing. Just call at the school office with all your goodies. Thank you.

As at every Christmas Fayre, (Friday 5th December 9.30 – 11.30 a.m.) we also have a cake stall. So have a think what cakes or biscuits you can make (or buy) for the cake stall … big or small. Please send your cakes in on the day, in clearly labelled containers, so that we can return the containers to you at the end of the day. But remember, no nuts please, as we have some children who are allergic to nuts. There will also be a cafĂ© for parents, so please come along and enjoy the morning with us.

There is also the annual Christmas card competition for you to enter. So, children, begin to plan making your special and original Christmas card. 

Make sure your card is no bigger than A4, with your full name and class clearly written on your card. The closing date is Monday 8th December. Please take your cards to the school office. Of course, there will be prizes for the best cards. So, remember ... “If you’re not in it, you can’t win it”.

Mums and Dads, we need volunteers for the Christmas Fayre between 9 a.m. and 12.00 noon, as it will be a very busy morning!! If you are able to help then, or on the Thursday (4th Dec) after school, setting up the fayre, please complete and return the slip that was sent home with your child today to the office and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Many thanks, Mrs Durban and the F.O.B.S. Team