13 Oct 2017

Headteacher's Message October 13th 2017

Dear parents and children, 

This week the children and I have been looking at how many points are in their lunchbox or on their meal tray e.g fruit= 1 point, vegetables= 1 point. This has encouraged some interesting questions such as what is a protein and what is a carbohydrate?

Children’s University

Thank you to those parents who attended a meeting this week about the Children’s University. If you click on the link below it will take you to the launch presentation and further information.

Band and Fijian Choir

I have been listening to the lunchtime band performing this week and what an excellent team they make!  I was also very proud to be approached by a number of our Year 6 girls and a member of Year 4 who asked if they could sing the Fijian national anthem as part of the band performance. My answer was “yes, but you organise it” The small group of children organised themselves into a choir and have been practising each day. As I write they are ready to perform. I have been thrilled to see such independence and cooperation- well done to them!
Have a good weekend.

Mrs Mason

Look at what Cooking Club created. 

Attendance Award

6 Oct 2017

Headteacher's message October 6th 2017

Dear parents and children, 

It has been a strange week- 2 days of total quiet in school (but lots of work done) and then chatter and laughter when the children returned. Just a few messages for you this week.

Children’s University is changing!!

The relaunch of BFG Children's University will be on 10th October at 2.30 pm. Passports for new learners will be released on this date. Please come along and find out more.

What is changing? 

The format of CU will still be the same but BFG schools have been working together to create clearer outlines on what is and isn’t included towards hours and how many hours can be collected for different activities. At Bielefeld school we have extended the scheme to Years 1 and 2.

Log ins

If your child’s log in to any of our educational sites does not work please let us know.
Have a good weekend.
Mrs Mason   

Cooking Club

Last week, healthy cooking club made rainbow fruit jars

The colours were:

Red - apples
Orange - clementines
Yellow - bananas
Green - kiwi fruit
Blue - plums
Indigo and violet - two spoonful 'clouds' of blueberry yoghurt

We discussed how amazing it is that each fruit is so different and how packed with goodness they are. We thought about how an apple comes to fruition as we mindfully crunched pieces of this wonderful fruit. We also discussed other fruit options for each colour: grapes for green, mango for orange. 

This is definitely something we will show our parents how to make! Why not try making your own fruit rainbow jar? If you make one, take a photograph and email it to school for our healthy eating display.

From Cooking Club

29 Sep 2017

Headteacher's message 29th September 2017

Dear parents and children, 

Thank you for supporting the KS 2 STEM event this week. The RAF team who organised this for us did a great job in creating some thought provoking challenges. I have put a selection of photos in the main corridor in school and also below for you to see.

The School Council met to discuss the charities which they will support this week. Please read below for further information.

Have a good weekend.
Please remember that school is closed to children on Monday and Tuesday

Mrs Mason   

School Council appeal

On the 18th and 19th of September 2017 Dominica succumbed to the catastrophic effects of hurricane Maria; two weeks after being affected by hurricane Irma .The small island of only 72 000 residents sustained winds of up to 160 miles per hour which devastated its already weak infrastructure and has been cited as the worst disaster to hit the island to date. As the situation in Dominica continues to deteriorate, food supplies are diminishing and access is still limited in most areas as evacuation to safer ground continues. 

The School Council has discussed the situation and has launched the following appeal. 
Please help us by sending in any dried or tinned food donations. We will publish a further list of needed items next week. Thank you.

Attendance Award

STEM day in school


A winning team.

Testing the parachute.

Team work.

We needed a steady hand.


Will it hold?

22 Sep 2017

Head Teacher's message 22nd September 2017

Dear parents and children, 
The sun has finally come back and FS1 have had a brilliant time at Forest Schools this week. I believe they found some new friends (in the form of various mini-beasts.) Hopefully the better weather will continue.

Children’s University- Years 1- 6.

I have chaired a meeting today of our local school’s CU Leaders at which we discussed some excellent additions to this scheme. I am hosting a meeting in school on October 10th at 2.30 pm for parents to launch this year’s scheme to you. Please come along and see what this means for your child.

School Council members

We held our first School Council meeting this week. At the meeting the children received their badge and had their photograph taken. I have added these to the website for you to see. Next week the children have been asked to bring their agenda items.

Meet our new School Council

Attendance this week.

Enter our quiz and earn 20 points

Have a good weekend.
Mrs Mason   

15 Sep 2017

Head Teacher's message 15th September 2017

Dear parents and children, 
This week I have been very impressed with how quickly the children have settled into new routines. Sometimes in the morning I walk down the corridors and I can almost hear the children thinking. Years 1 and 2 have really been working hard on their spellings and phonics. Year 2 have shown me how to remember how to spell “because” (Year 2 parents please ask your child how they do this.)  Year 6 children have made an excellent start on their maths challenges and I have seen all KS 2 classes enjoying quiet reading times. What an excellent start to a school year! Thanks everyone.


This term’s theme is called Now and Then. This week we had a launch assembly for our new theme and the team point quiz has started. (Please see the back of the newsletter.) You will be receiving information about your child’s work very soon. I will also upload this to the website.

Reminder- Book Club

Our fabulous school book shop reopens on Monday lunchtime. This is open to all children. Books are priced at 2 euros. If you would like your child to purchase a book then please send 2 euros in a named envelope - happy reading!

Have a good weekend.
Mrs Mason