22 Jun 2018

Head Teacher's Post 22nd June 2018

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If you have any queries please feel free to call the school for any information needed.

Kelly Reeves
Bielefeld School
Tel: 0049 (0)52192543840

8 Jun 2018

Headteachers Message 8th June 2018

Dear Parents,


     I do hope you all had a great half term and that you were able to enjoy at least some of the glorious weather we had.


     Many thanks to all the parents who were able to support Sports Day on Monday. Whether you were able to join us for the whole event or just pop in to share in the picnic lunch with your child, it was lovely to have you here and we hope you and your children enjoyed the morning . See all the fabulous running race medallists below. A huge thank you to Mrs Pond-Barrett who made the whole event happen and also a big thank you to the QM’s department who were a huge help in the preparations!


     Have a wonderful weekend,



                                 Kelly Reeves


Gold, Silver and Bronze go to….
1st = Ellouise & Finlay
2nd = Joanna & Luke
3rd = Madalynn & Nana
1st = Stephen & Malie
2nd  = Oliver Eckley & Ruby
3rd = Oliver Hodges & Paige and Teana (joint)
1st = Ama & Reece
2nd = Hafsa & William
3rd = Liana & Jack
1st = Aimee & Kai
2nd = Eloise & Aodhagan
3rd = Meredith & Isaac
1st = Alicia & Paul
2nd = Rose & Henry
3rd = Daisy & Liam
1st = Makelesi & Matthew
2nd = Hawa & Filipe
3rd = Molly & Joshua
1st = Makereta & Luke
2nd = Maddy & Owen
3rd = Isabel & Lachlan and Archer (joint)

Welcome to our school!
This week we welcomed David (FS1) and Josaia (FS2) into school—we hope you have a wonderful time here at Bielefeld.

Dates for your diary
Red dates added since last week
12th              Y2 Trip to Tierpark
13th              GMC Combined Band Day - visiting schs
15th              Y3/4 swimming (instead of Thu 14th)
18th              Week of Y6 Residential to Ypres
19th              Y3 Residential parent meeting 2.30pm
27th Taster Day for pupils attending King’s School in September
27th Y4 museum trip (Ancient Egypt exhibition)
4th Y3 Residential begins
5th Last day of clubs
6th Y6 Court Visit
9th Y4 Residential begins
9th FS2 Trip to Butterfly Park
10th Y1 & Y2 Beach & picnic trip
13th Reports home to parents
16th New FS2 cohort parent meeting 2.15pm-3pm
17th Y6 Leavers’ Assembly 1.30pm-2.00pm
18th Forest Schools morning & picnic

18th Y5&6 BBQ (Dine in, dine out)
20th Last Day of Term (1.15pm finish)

Notice for FS1 Parents
Hello all our FS1 parents! You may have noticed a sign has gone up asking that outside of the following times:
8:45-9:00 and 12noon -12:15
when the FS1 setting entrance door isn’t manned, please access FS1 via the main school building and reception.
We have made this decision in order to keep our youngest children as safe as possible. Thank you so much for your co-operation.

Competition Time!
We have 2 competitions running as of  today:
1) Name our school currency
2) Design the picture to go on the school bank note
Children can enter as individuals, jointly with heir parents or it could even be a whole family effort. See the information coming home today!

Y6 First Aiders

Before the half term we had a couple of afternoons and a morning session with Mark Harris who taught us everything we need to know about First Aid.

We covered: bleeding, burns, breaks and sprains, choking, heart attacks, how to deal with an unconscious casualty, performing CPR, using a defibrillator, putting someone in the recovery position, and much, much more! We had great fun bandaging each other up!

Thank you to Mark Harris for providing such useful training for the children.

Good Work Certificates

   Well done everyone who made the list below—what super attitudes you all have!

All of you!
for great team work during Sports Day
for showing initiative in creating a puppet theatre out of junk materials
for not giving up with her reading
for careful and methodical problem solving
Ryan B
for working with great focus to write a detailed and accurate recount
for excellent effort from the both of them during sports day
for great effort in Maths this week when working with time and converting minutes to hours
Grace & Esther
for demonstrating excellent effort in learning how to use a protractor
for creating an imaginary character by drawing from her own thoughts and feelings regarding moving on to secondary school
Ryan M (Y2)
for detailed observations of seeds
Forest Schools
Josh (Y5)
Ffion (Y5)
for good team work and determination to succeed 
Daisy (Y4)
for designing a great papyrus bookmark
for super concentration during their African drumming


25 May 2018

Headteachers Message 25th May 2018


Dear Parents,


What a busy week! There has been so much going on in all quarters of school. FS2 performed a great dance for their parents this week as part of their jungle themed stay and play. The children told me the elephant dung tasted wonderful (although Evie did let me into the secret that it was actually chocolate!) Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and share in the fun.


Y5 returned from their residential in Cologne and what a great time they’ve had. There were definitely a few tired faces getting off the bus! See the children’s round up of what they got up to below. (Thank you Mr Halstead for the present from the chocolate factory!)


Y2 have had a busy week doing their KS1 national tests (SATs) and we’re so proud of how hard they’ve worked and how well they focused for them. Hopefully Y2 also enjoyed their trip to the ice cream parlour.

Have a great weekend and half term!


Kelly Reeves

Year 5 Travellers Return!
Yesterday Y5 returned from their residential to Kรถln and what a great time they’ve all had! We missed you while you were away but it’s been great to hear all the exciting things you’ve been up to. Thank you to Miss Robertson, Mrs Devlin, Mr Halstead and Mrs Porter for taking such good care of them.


Welcome to the family!

This week we welcomed:

Maisie and Ellouise into FS2
Molly into Y3 and Alicia into Y4
We’re so pleased you’ve come to join us and hope you all have a great time at Bielefeld School.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu!
Sadly we have 3 members of staff we are saying goodbye to today.
We would like to thank:
Mrs Steph Templeton
Mrs Cate Badirez
Mr Wayne Moore

for all they have done in school to support the children and their colleagues and we wish them all well for the future.

Good Work Certificates

What a certificate assembly! Not only were we busy today handing out certificates to all these hard working individuals below but Mrs Pond-Barrett and the swimming team of TAs also handed out swimming certificates to all of Y1 and Y2! Well done everyone!



Oscar L

for having such fantastic listening ears all week

for trying new things



for great motivation in helping prepare resources for our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ party



Oliver E

for much improved handwriting and phonics

For using excellent vocabulary in Science



for outstanding effort 


Georgina (3A)

Vili (3K)

Callum (3K)

for a wonderful contribution to our world food tasting day

for really good independent writing

for great concentration and perseverance during his Star reader assessment



for a fantastic start to Bielefeld School and being such a lovely member of the Year 4 family!


The ‘Residential’ Group

Rest of Y5

for their interest, manners and team-work during their time away

for being wonderful Harry Potter apprentices and helping so much to improve the school environment with their gardening skills



for showing maturity and taking ownership of her learning during a very busy week


Daisy (Y4)

for outstanding effort 

Forest Schools

Phoebe (FS1)

for good listening 


Vincent (Y6)

for his great effort and enthusiasm this year


William & Jack (Y2)

for being really focused in music

Assembly: Tolerance & Bullying: When should we speak up for others?
This week we thought about what tolerance means and what happens when people aren’t tolerant.
We also learnt about Ben Smith who ran 401 marathons in 401 days to raise awareness and money for anti-bullying charities.
Reflection: Sometimes we may be aware of unkind behaviour and even bullying and it may feel easier to do nothing and ignore what’s going on. However, by speaking up for those who don’t have the confidence to do so, we can really make a difference.

Dates for your diary
Red dates added since last week
4th                Sports Day (am) & family picnic
4th                Y6 Ypres Parents’ Meeting 2.00pm
4th                Y4 Arnhem Parents’ Meeting 2.30pm
6th                Y6 to visit King’s School
12th              Y2 Trip to Tierpark
13th Combined Band Day - visiting schools
18th Week of Y6 Residential to Ypres
27th Taster Day for pupils attending King’s School in September
4th Y3 Residential begins
6th Y6 Court Visit—change of date
9th Y4 Residential begins
9th FS2 Trip to Butterfly Park
10th Y2 Beach & picnic trip
13th Reports home to parents
18th Forest Schools morning & picnic