30 Jan 2015

Head Teacher's Message

Snow - today!

Today's snow 

Year FS1 Week 06 2015

Pizza, pizza ... everywhere!
This week the children have enjoyed acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood; do ask them to re-tell the story to you. The Green Room Beauty Salon has continued to be very popular.

Unfortunately, our visit to the Medical Centre had to be cancelled, but hopefully we will have another chance to go before half term.

We invite all parents to “Stay and Play” on Thursday 12th February for our Chinese New Year celebration. More news next week. Don’t forget that the school will be celebrating Karneval on Friday 13th February, so please plan your costume for that morning.

Now the cold and snowy weather has arrived, please make sure that your child comes to school appropriately dressed with hats, scarves and gloves to go outside and play. 

Please put a change of clothes in the children’s bags too so that they can be changed after playing outside and water play. If you have borrowed clothes from school, especially socks, please return them as soon as possible. We always seem to be short of spare socks and tights so any donations would be very welcome.

Snack next week: Pasta & sauce, Madeleine cakes, pittas & cheese/chicken salad, profiteroles & chocolate sauce and breadsticks, vegetables and dips.

Dates for your calendar: 

  • “Stay and Play” on Thursday 12th February. 
  • Karneval Parade on Friday 13th February.
  • Half term holidays Monday 16th February to Friday 20th February. 

Thank you for your support, The FS1 Team

Year FS2 Week 06 2015

Design & Build - homes for 3 pigs 
We have had a lovely week in FS2. We have been busy planning and making a house for the Three Little Pigs. 

The children had to choose their own resources and have learnt lots of skills such as how to join different materials so that they stay together! 

They have shown lots of enthusiasm in making other models so if you have any empty boxes or cartons at home please send them in to school. 

The weather seems to be getting colder again so please make sure your child comes to school with suitable warm weather clothing. 

Rhythmic gymnasts 
We are very short of spare clothes in the setting and we would be grateful for any long trousers, pants or socks that you have at home (the trousers do not need to be school ones!)

We have introduced something new into the setting this week called Plan, Do, Review. 

The children really enjoyed it and we hope that they have told you all about it. If not, please ask them to explain it as it is a really good way of the children being in charge of their own learning through play. 

Many thanks for all of your help and support. Best wishes from the FS2 team.

Year 1 Week 06 2015

Will the Beebot get there? 
Earlier this week, Year 1 children found an extremely tearful, blonde-haired girl, crying in the classroom.  The girl told us why she was upset, but she quickly ran away when she heard some bears!

In Literacy this week we have been thinking of interesting words and phrases to describe a character. The children have described what some characters look like.

They have also considered how a character might feel and behave. The children have all worked hard to retell the story of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” with actions, using a story map.

In Mathematics the children have been practising adding two numbers by counting on. We have taught the children to count on from the larger number each time. They have used a number line or a 100 square to help them, if necessary. 

In Mathematics next week we will be exploring 3D shapes. Please send any empty cereal boxes, cylindrical containers etc. to school on Monday for junk modelling. 

Thank you for your continued support, Mrs Hawker, Miss Caunter and the Year One Team

Year 2 Week 06 2015

Mastering algorithms 
In literacy this week the children have written their own version of a familiar story, focussing on what a character looks like, how they speak and how they behave.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading their brilliant work!

In maths Mrs Halstead's group have been learning to add and subtract eleven from a two digit number using a hundred square. Miss Mead's group have been using the working out how much change is needed from a given amount.

During Forest Schools the children had great fun working together to cross a shark infested swamp without putting their feet on the floor. Please could we remind everyone that we go to Forest Schools even if it is wet, so the children would benefit from having waterproof boots, or wellingtons.  Thank you.

Thank you for your continued support, Miss Mead, Mrs Halstead and The Year Two Team. 

Year 3 Week 06 2015

Log running in Year 3
In Literacy Lady Macbeth is up to her old tricks! We have been looking at how she can persuade Macbeth to seize the crown!

In Maths Mr.Askew has been looking at fractions; equivalent and ordering fractions. Mr.Kerray has been looking at number bonds to 20 and beyond using the'inverse' operation to illustrate subtraction.

Our computing session has shown a continuation of the Scratch program providing challenges to illustrate how our skills are developing. 

In RE the children have been using their 'investigation' skills looking closely at the key components of the illustration.

Mr. Reeves continues his work on the ukulele, where new chords are being added every week. The children should have brought their ukulele home this week.

In art we are continuing to make more simple Victorian toys.

History this week continues to look at the Victorian period in more depth: we had a special guest of honour this week,Queen Victoria. She invited us all to an audience with her and served up afternoon tea;with Victorian sponge of course!

Forest schools is proving to be good fun with Mrs Carroll at the helm! Another week of outdoor problem solving.

There is mathematics and English homework this week. Could this please be handed in on Wednesday so the following weeks homework can be added.

  • Remember to continue reading daily with your child, 10 minutes daily practice will really help them to improve. You could also discuss together the book you have read, again this is an important reading skill that the children need to develop. Please keep signing your child's journal to indicate that you have read with your child. Many thanks.
  • Please bring PE kits into school on Monday, we will send them home on Friday.  
Many thanks for your support, Mr Askew and Mr Kerray

Year 4 Week 06 2015

Whizzing Maths 
Music - Following the return of the permission slips, the children (and teachers!) have brought their guitars home so they can practice the 2 pieces that they have been learning during their Music lessons with Mr Reeves.  

They’ve been working really hard in these first few sessions, we hope that they’ve WOWED you at home with their playing of ’12 bar blues’ and ‘5 Little Monkeys’.

In Literacy this week, we have focussed on a newspaper report about Augustus Gloop winning the first Golden Ticket.  We have been writing headlines about the 5 Golden Ticket winners that are short and snappy, include alliteration, rhyme or a play on words.  

We have also been identifying the ‘5 Ws’ (Who? What? Where? When? and Why?) about the 5 Golden Ticket winners and used one of these to write an opening to a newspaper report.

Guitar practise 
In Maths, Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have revised using the grid method to multiply 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and have moved onto using the vertical column method to do this.  We then moved onto applying this method when multiplying amounts of money, which include £ and p.

Mrs Scannell’s group have further developed their understanding of place value in 3-digit and 4-digit numbers. They have then used this understanding when multiplying and dividing by 10.

During Art, the children have begun to create 3D totem pole!  Each child is working on their piece that will form part of a class totem pole.  They have been carefully following the designs they drew last week and using different thicknesses of card to ‘build’ the layers needed to create a 3D effect.

Don’t forget!! – Year 4 start their swimming sessions next week, so they will need their swimming kit with them on Thursday.

  • Maths – To be completed and returned to school no later than Thursday 5th February.
  • Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have a multiplication to complete.
  • Mrs Scannell’s group have an activity to complete with some further questions involving place value.
  • Reading – Please continue to listen to your child read at least 5 times a week and record any reading that they do in their journals.
  • Spellings – A new set of spelling words will be sent home on Monday. – Spelling folders need to returned to school by Friday
Thank you for your continued support. Have a great weekend!

Years 5/6 Week 06 2015

Centrifugal force!
This week we have discovered that we have many budding authors in Y5/6 as they continue developing their skills as writers of suspense.

In Miss Kinsey’s Maths group, we have been looking at prime and composite numbers, finding factor pairs and identifying square numbers. We have explored how to find the square root of a number. 

In Miss Graham’s Maths group, children have been exploring seven digit numbers and practising rounding. Mrs Hood’s Maths group have been subtracting three digit numbers using the column method and beginning to use the ladder method to multiply.

In ICT the children have been learning about eSafety with Mr Winthorpe and watched a video produced by CEOPs (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) to drive home the message of keeping safe on the internet. They may talk about this at home with you. If you would like to watch the video, log on to www.thinkyouknow.co.uk  and search for Jigsaw.

In Art with Mr Fidler, children have produced some ornately designed sarcophagi each including a mini Egyptian fact book. They have been learning about farming in Egyptian times in their topic lesson and explored Tutankhamun’s tomb in Drama. 

This week was the last week for the Y6 swimmers. Miss Mead has been really impressed by the progress made by all groups – well done!

Please could we remind children that PE kits need to be in school from Monday to Friday and children need to bring in tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts as PE will still take place outside on milder days.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Miss Graham & Mrs Creighton 
Mrs Hood & Mrs Goddard
Miss Kinsey & Mrs Grant

28 Jan 2015

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs!

Design & Build Club 
Our children benefit from some fantastic clubs, at lunchtimes and after school. Some of these clubs are run by parents and make worthy additions to the clubs run by members of staff. 

Here, our children are designing and building Lego models on a pirate theme. We thank Mrs. Dannan and Mrs. Hale for investing their time in developing the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors. 

If other parents and carers would like to run a club next term, we invite them to contact the School Office. Share your talents with our enthusiastic youngsters.

Term Dates - Academic Year 2015/16

Dear parents and carers,

Please be aware that Bielefeld School awaits confirmation of the official term dates for the next academic year, which starts in September 2015. 

As soon as these dates become available, they will be published on this, our official school website.

Please be aware that the term dates on some unofficial web sites, which refer to 'Bielefeld School', may be inaccurate. 

Parents and carers are discouraged from booking their holidays or travel arrangements on the basis of these unofficial (and possibly incorrect) dates.