24 Apr 2015

Head Teachers Message

Year FS1 Week 16 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,
It’s been a very busy week in FS1 and the children have really enjoyed playing in the Spring sunshine. So that they can continue to enjoy the sunshine, please remember to apply sun cream before bringing them to school and make sure that they have a sun hat too.

We have been reading the “Jack and the beanstalk” story this week and acting out the different parts of the story and using “magic beans” in our maths sessions too. We will shortly be growing our own beanstalks and finding out what plants need to grow.
Stay and Play

We would like to invite you to a “Stay and Play” morning on Friday 8th May when we will have a planting morning in the garden and also the children will be making their own mini gardens. More information during the week.

Snack next week: Sandwiches, Digestive biscuits & Philli, cereals, cheese & crackers, fruit flans and vanilla sauce.

Dates for your calendar:
We break up for half term on Friday 22nd May at normal times and return to school on Monday 1st June. Please note that the school will be closed for an INSET day on Friday 26th June. For more information, please see the school website www.bielefeldschool.com

Thank you for your support,
The FS1 Team.

Year FS2 Week 16 2015

This week we have been using our listening skills and we have been learning about the story “The bad Tempered Ladybird”. The children have been busy watching the frog spawn change into tadpoles and have been watching to see what happens next. We have also started our new theme all about Superheroes. The children used their speaking skills to describe and tell us what they knew about Superheroes. Their responses were amazing and they used some great descriptive language.

On Tuesday 5th May we will be visiting the Medical Centre to see some real life superheroes. This will enable the children to have a first- hand experience to speak with the doctors and nurses and see what they do to help people every day.

During Forest Schools this week all of the children visited the school chickens and had much fun getting to know them. We asked the children what they wanted to find out about the chickens and then the children discovered many of the answers from Mr Halstead, who looks after the chickens, and the children’s research using non- fiction books to find the information.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that the children are allowed to bring in their own water bottles to use in the classroom but please make sure that they are only filled with water. Thank you for your understanding.
Also a reminder that as a treat the children are allowed to bring in a toy from home on Fridays to play with at the Golden Time they have earned for following our SMILE rules!

We would like to say a very WELL DONE to those children who have been working really hard this week to keep all of their Golden Time minutes!

Have a lovely weekend!  Best wishes from the FS2 team.

Year 1 Week 16 2015

On Tuesday, Mrs Mason asked all of the Year 1 children to investigate why the chickens appeared to be upset. We discovered some golden eggs near the hens. Then, to our amazement, we found magic beans in our corridor! We are sure your child will enjoy telling you what else we discovered in the Y1 environment.

In Literacy this week, our work has been related to “Jack and the Beanstalk”. We have been retelling the story with actions. We are also thinking about how a character might feel, what they might say, and how they might speak.

In Mathematics we have continued the number work from last week. The children have been making amounts using 10p and 1p, coins. We have been identifying the number of 10’s and 1’s in 2 digit numbers. The children have also used 100 squares to show 10 more/10 less than a 2 digit number, as well as 1 more/1 less than a 2 digit number.

Forest Schools – Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing and footwear for the warmer weather. Each child needs to wear a thin, long-sleeved top as well as long trousers/leggings. This is to minimise the risk of infection from ticks. Your child also will need a sun hat and sun cream, as well as suitable footwear.

Please check your child every Tuesday for ticks, just in case.

Thank you for your continued support.
The Year One Team.

Year 2 Week 16 2015

In literacy this week the children have been learning about the features of a non-chronological report. They have been thinking really carefully about how to organise information under sub headings. In reading the children are learning how to answer written comprehension questions .

In numeracy Mrs Halstead's group have been learning to mentally add multiples of ten to any two digit numbers. They have also been learning to solve word problems involving addition or subtraction.

Miss Mead's group have been adding two  two digit numbers together to find a total.
 EG: 36 + 24 =

Please could we ask that all the children have appropriate Forest School clothing and footwear in school each Wednesday.
As the weather gets warmer they will need sun cream and a sun hat as well.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Mead, Mrs Halstead and the Year Two Team. 

Year 3 Week 16 2015

The ancient Greeks are here!!!!!!!
This week in English we have embarked on our Greek myths and legends. We are concentrating on the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur for our English study unit.

Mr. Kerray’s mathematics group this week have revised our work on finding the difference between two numbers using a variety of strategies. Mr. Askew’s group have been doubling using partitioning and multiplying using the grid method.

In RE the children have been introduced to a unit on Sacred Text, we looked at a Christian Latin manuscript and the features that made it look special. We identified what we knew about the New Testament.

In Computing the children researched the Ancient Greeks using the B.B.C. Primary History website.
(Don’t forget your child has Log Ins for educational sites in the front of their journal.)
Mr Fidler continues his work on Greek warriors.
Mr Reeves continues teaching the children skills for mastering the art of playing the ukulele!

Remember we will have swimming every Thursday till half term.

Please remember a daily reading session of about 10 minutes will really help your child’s progress. Also a few questions about what they have read will help aid comprehension.
Please bring in P.E kits on Monday - these will be sent home on Fridays.

Many Thanks for your continued support!
Mr Askew, Mr Kerray, Mrs Jefferys and Mrs Baker.

Year 4 Week 16 2015

This week in Literacy, we have begun our unit of work about non-chronological reports.  The children completed an assessed ‘cold write’ where they showed me ‘what they know’ about writing an information leaflet. They created a leaflet that gave information to a new starter to Bielefeld School.

Calculating intervals of time
Calculating intervals of time
In Maths, we have been telling the time. Some children have been telling the time on a 24-hour clock, using am and pm correctly, converting pm times to 24-hour clock and calculating intervals of time. Some children have been revising o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and have moved on to telling the time at 5-minute intervals on analogue and digital clocks.  

Terrible Tudors! – This week we began our new topic unit about the Tudors. The session focussed on looking at periods of time in British history and the children put these periods of time into chronological order starting with the stone age in 15,000BC! We also looked at key events that happened during the time of the Tudors and ordered these chronologically.
Mr Fidler is linking his Art sessions with our topic, and this week the children were sketching their own Tudor roses.  

In RE, the children have been introduced to the unit, ‘What do some people believe about God’. A thought-provoking session where the children thought of and asked their own puzzling and mysterious questions that they’d like to know about life, including questions about God.

In Music, we continued to learn a piece of music titled ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’. The children worked incredibly hard during the session to learn and practice the bass line and the tunes.  

Music – Daily guitar practice for 10-15 minutes – (The children can team up with their friends that live nearby to do this and take on different parts of the music!)
Maths – The children have some time activities to complete.
Please ensure that this is completed and returned to school no later than Thursday 30th April. 
Reading – Please continue to listen to your child read at least 5 times a week and either your children or the parents record any reading that they do in their journals.
Spellings - Your child will bring home a new set of spelling words to learn on Monday. - Please ensure that your child returns their yellow spelling folder on a Friday.

Thank you for your continued support. 
Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Pond-Barrett
Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Porter

Year 5 Week 16 2015

It was great to meet with many of the Year 5 parents this week and share the children’s progress. From our discussions, it is clear that the children are extremely well supported in their learning at home and it is fantastic to see this crucial home-school partnership.

In English, we have furthered our comprehension skills through exploring what ‘schema’ is and how to use it to support our development in answering questions involving inference.

Designing games in computing
In maths, Mrs Scannell’s group have completed end of unit assessments in both arithmetic and problem solving. The children have had the opportunity to reflect over the tests and talk through the answers to develop their understanding. Mrs Hood’s group have been completing division questions where there are remainders and have investigated how to find the perimeter of a shape.

In computing, the children have started to design their own game, thinking about the algorithms they would need to put in place for the game to work successfully.

Unless otherwise stated, all homework should be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday.

English To complement our work in English this week, the children should study the 3 articles from First News and use the thinking stem to write 2 statements about each picture.
Maths  Both groups should complete the challenges set in their homework books.
Spelling The spelling list was sent home on Tuesday after the spelling lesson.  Spelling homework should be completed and returned on Monday.
Reading The children should continue to read at least 5 times a week and record this in their journal. We encourage the children to read a wide range of texts, including non-fiction and fiction books.  Two smile points will be awarded each week for children who read 5 or more times a week and record it in their journal.

Thank you for your continued support.
Have a great weekend!

Mrs Scannell, Miss Graham and Mrs Hood
Mrs Grant and Mrs Porter

Year 6 Week 16 2015

It has been a very positive week this week celebrating children’s achievements and sharing their targets with you at parents meetings.

Since the journal note last week, the eggs in our bird box have now hatched!

In English this week, Miss Kinsey’s class have been looking at journalistic writing and exploring techniques used in newspaper reports.

In Maths, we have been solving coordinates problems and have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. We have also been looking at volume and mass in our starter activities and we are encouraging children to be inquisitive at home and check out the mass and volume of everyday household objects

Mrs Hood, Miss Kinsey and Miss Graham
Mrs Goddard and Mrs Creighton