13 Oct 2014

School Absence Procedures

Illness Procedure

We remind parents and carers that they must report all absences, including those due to dental and medical appointments, to the School Office by no later than 09.30hrs on the first day that their child is absent.

Simply telephone 0521 9254 3840.

After 09.30hrs, our office staff will try to contact the parents and carers of absent children before referring unexplained absences to Units' Welfare Officers.

We encourage parents and carers to email all new mobile and land line telephone numbers to sce.bielefeld[at]sceschools.com as soon as practicable. Simply replace [at] with the @ symbol in this email address.

To save any embarrassment, we also encourage parents and carers to contact the school proactively, rather than to wait for the school to contact them.

Vomiting And/Or Diahorrea

Children who are absent because of vomiting and/or diahorrea should only return to school once 48 hours have elapsed since their last episode of vomiting and/or diahorrea. Whilst infectious, children should avoid public places, particularly hospitals, trams and schools.

Please, always encourage your child(ren) to wash their hands often and thoroughly - with warm, soapy water - as part of their normal daily routine, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Thorough hand washing is particularly important immediately after using the toilet, before eating food and before preparing food.

Also, please encourage your child(ren) to keep their finger nails short and to use a clean handkerchief, to catch all sneezes or coughs. Please provide your children with clean handkerchiefs regularly.

Holidays During Term Time

Should you wish to take your child(ren) out of school for a holiday, of any length, then parents and carers must seek the prior approval of the Head Teacher. 

Simply fill in the Request For Authorised Absence form completely and hand it to a member of the School Office staff at least 2 working days before the absence. Please assume that 'absence during term time' requests will be refused, until you hear otherwise, particularly if you intend to book expensive travel arrangements.

Until 01 Sep 13, head teachers could grant up to 10 days leave a year for family holidays, in "special circumstances". Since 01 Sep 13, head teachers cannot grant any absence outside school holidays, except under "exceptional circumstances". The reference to the 10-day limit has been removed from the regulations.