13 Jul 2012

Year 2 Week 28 2012

This week has been Science Week and we have had great fun carrying out a range of investigations relating to materials. These included: finding the safest materials to wear at night, the best materials to use to make a hanky and the most efficient way to make different types and shapes of bubbles. We are intending to carry this theme on into next week.

Our trip to Dino Land was a great success. Once again, the children behaved extremely well and we were very proud of them all! We found out lots of interesting facts and we were able to see just how big some of the dinosaurs were in real life. The giant spiders were the scariest!

We would like to say, 'Thank you,' to everyone who has returned the Comment Sheet that was attached to each child’s school report.

Just a quick reminder that school will finish next Fri 20 Jul at 1:15 pm. The children will return to school on 05 Sep.