13 Jul 2012

FS1 Week 28 2012

The children have been learning about animals this week: what they look like, what noises they make and where they live. They have enjoyed making clay animals and animal prints around the Setting. The children are looking forward to the Animal Fancy Dress party next week.

EDC: Please make sure that, if you need EDC in September, you let us know as soon as possible. This is because we have to hire the right amount of extra staff on to cover all of the places required. Thank you.

End of school: We finish school next Fri (20 Jul) at 12.30hrs. The main school will finish at 13.15hrs. There will be NO EDC next Friday (see below).

Animal Fancy Dress Party: Just a quick reminder that the children will be having a fancy dress animal party on Wednesday 18 Jul. We are looking forward to seeing all their lovely costumes. There will be face painting on the day. So, please let us know if you do not wish your child to have his or her face painted. Otherwise we will assume that they can have it done.

Roofing work: The main school building is being re-roofed. Please make sure that you supervise your child/children closely at all times when you are out on the playground, before and after the Session. Thank you for helping us to keep your child/children safe.

New intake meeting: There is a new intake meeting for children who are starting FS1, on Tue 17 Jul in the Gym, between 14.00 and 15.00 hrs. If you have a child who is due to start in September, or you know any new families that arriving soon, please let them know. Letters have already been sent out but reminders at this busy time of year are always helpful.

Important Dates: Wed 18 Jul - Animal Fancy Dress Party. Fri 20 Jul - schooL closes for the summer holiday. Please note that there will be no EDC next Friday as the school effectively closes at 12.30hrs.