13 Jul 2012

Year 1 Week 28 2012

It has been ‘Science Week’, this week, and the children have been working towards a ‘Star Award’. They have completed 8 different science activities and experiments and have learnt a lot! The activities they have completed are: muddy mess, confusing cans, peggy problems, tea bad trouble and many more!

On Monday, it is our trip to the zoo. Please send us your child with their school jumper and a t-shirt. They will also need a drink in a ‘sippable’ bottle, sun cream and hats. The children will be walking around for a lot of the day, so please ensure that they are wearing suitable shoes and that they have a suitable bag to carry their belongings. Parent helpers need to be in school for 9am, please.

On Wednesday of next week, the children can bring in a toy or a game from home. Please ensure that the toys and games are not too expensive or that they have too much sentimental value.

Homework: The children are bringing home their ‘water projects’ to finish. If they have finished the project already, there is an acrostic poem for them to create.

Diary Dates: 20 Jul - school finishes at 13.15 hrs. 05 Sep - school begins for the Autumn term.