13 Jul 2012

Year 1 Trip Osnabrück Zoo

As part of their 'Water, Water Everywhere' topic, our Y1 children are learning about the animals that live in and around water.

To bring this topic alive, and to make it even more enjoyable, we are planning an end of year trip to Osnabrück Zoo. The children will have the chance to observe lots of different animals, including sea lions and penguins, and to visit the Aquarium.

We will go to the zoo on Mon 16 Jul. The buses will leave school shortly after 9 am and return shortly before 3 pm. Your child will need the following, on the day:
  • Appropriate clothing, a hat and sun protection (and/or a rain Mac., if the weather is poor).
  • A packed lunch and a drink, in a ‘sippable’ plastic bottle.
  • A backpack to carry a lunch, drink and coat around all day.
  • Up to €5 in a named purse/wallet/envelope, for an ice cream or small gift.
This trip will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to enjoy learning outside of their classrooms, in a fun and enjoyable way, with many other opportunities for active learning and exploration with their friends.