13 Sep 2012

FS2 Week 37 2012

The children have had another happy week investigating and learning in FS2.
“Who Am I?” Thank you to all children who have brought family photographs to school. These photographs will be used early next week to encourage “talk”. We would appreciate every child having a photograph to discuss, if at all possible. We promise to take care of all the photographs.
Packed Lunches & School Dinners. FS2 children will stay for a school dinner or packed lunch next week. They will leave school at 1 o’clock pm each day.
Reading Journals & Book Bags: Please send Reading Journals and Book Bags to school every day. Your child’s journal will be checked by a member of staff each morning for important messages. It would be extremely helpful if you would kindly write the title of your child’s new book inside the journal. When you have enjoyed sharing a book with your child at home, please indicate with a comment or signature. Your child may then choose a new book.
We hope you have an enjoyable weekend.