21 Sep 2012

Year 1 Week 38 2012

Another busy week in Year One has flown by!

In Literacy, the children in Miss Byron's class have been reading about Dogger and, in my class, we have been reading Peace at Last. Both classes have been retelling the story in different ways, including drama. The children have really enjoyed this work and they are developing their story book language.

The children have been given a homework book which they can use each week to complete the homework tasks. Although we will set a different homework task every week, please feel free to work with your child and be as creative as you like.

The homework this week is to make a family tree about the people and pets who live at home. The children might like to draw pictures of everyone, or they may wish to take photographs of each family member. We will use these trees next week as part of our topic work.

In Foundation Stage 2, the children were encouraged to bring toys in every Friday for Show and Tell. We would prefer it if the children did not bring toys to school, now that they are in Year One.