14 Sep 2012

Year 2 Week 37 2012

We have been reading ‘The Robot’ in Literacy this week.  The children have been busy retelling the story with lots of talk.  They have sequenced pictures, used story maps and recorded their own versions using time connectives to sequence their ideas.
In maths, we have been reading and writing numbers in words and figures, ordering numbers and investigating odds and evens.  We have also been counting in groups of two and are beginning to learn the two times tables.

We have begun our topic on Bielefeld by finding out what the children already know.  They were keen to talk about the places they have visited and the buildings they have seen.  Our Art focus this term is buildings and we are lucky to be joined by Mr Fidler, Bielefeld School’s resident artist!  The children worked hard this week to create their home using collage.

Please remember to sign your child’s journal when you hear them read.  We hope you have had a chance to look through the information in this year’s journals as a few changes have been made. 

The photographer will be in school on Monday (17th Sept) to take class photographs.