19 Jun 2014

Children, Sleep And Learning

Research shows that primary-aged school children need at least nine (9) hours of sleep every night, otherwise their learning will be impaired. (Source: BBC News 16 Sep 11).

Sleep needs to be of the right quality, as well as quantity, to promote children's well-being.

This probably means rationing television, movies, games (especially online games), drinks and foods in the hour before children go to sleep

Some grand parents advocate reading a good book instead.

At least one head teacher in the UK is questioning whether children should have TVs, tablets, smart phones, computers and/or games consoles (including hand held consoles) in their bedrooms.

What do you think? Do tantrums result from denying children their favourite gadgets? How do lighter summer evenings affect children's sleep? 

When (and how) should young children go to bed?