8 Oct 2012

FS1 Week 40 2012

The children have had yet another busy week. They enjoyed our German celebrations and snack was very popular on Wednesday, I wonder why? We think it was to do with the sausages, apple juice and bretzels.

Wet Weather Clothing: As you know, it has been a very wet week this week and the children have not been able to play outside as much as we would have liked. We really want them to have access to the outdoors, as it is an important part of their learning, so we would really appreciate it if you would provide waterproof trousers and wellies for your child to wear in wet weather. Then we can have outdoor fun what ever the weather.

Naming clothing: Please can you make sure that all clothing, even shoes have names in? We have lots of shoes/ wellies that look exactly the same!

Learning Partners: We are really interested in what your child is learning at home. So, don’t forget to fill in a Magic Moment slip or write a note in your child's journal, to tell us all about it. When you have shared a book at home, don’t forget to sign that your child has read their book, so that we can give them a new one. Don’t forget to check your child's book bag, especially on Friday’s when they have their certificates in there.

Can you help us? We still have not had any old pans/ spoons given in for our music area. Please have a look around and see if you can spare any of you old pots and pans, the children would really appreciate it.

If you have any worries or concerns, please feel free to contact us straight away. We are more than happy to help sort any problems out big or small.