12 Oct 2012

FS1 Week 41 2012

Our FS1 children have enjoyed yet another busy week. We have been looking for signs of autumn. We spotted leaves falling and on the ground, and leaves changing colour. We also explored the sounds that leaves make when we walk through them.

Why not: If the weather is fine over the weekend, why not go for a nature walk with your children? Please collect different signs of autumn along the way to bring into school and add to our “Autumn Table”. Let’s see how many different things we can find. Enjoy the fresh air!

Wet Weather Clothing: It has been a very wet week this week and the children have not been able to play outside as much as we would have liked. We really want the children to have access to the outdoors, as it is an important part of their learning. Therefore, we would really appreciate it if you would provide your child with waterproof trousers and wellies to wear in the rain. Then we can have outdoor fun whatever the weather.

Snack this week: We are still investigating the likes and dislikes of our children, so we are altering what is on offer for 'snack' each week. This week, snack will be: jelly and fruit salad, toasted muffins, vegetables, dips and bread sticks, egg or tuna mayonaise sandwiches and rice pudding with toppings. All sounds very good to me.

Extended Day Care (EDC): We currently have spaces for children to stay in EDC in the afternoons. If you would like to use EDC for your child, please ask for a form or talk to Mrs. Durban for further information.

Can you help us? We still have not had any old pans or spoons given to us for our music area. Please have a look around at home and see if you can spare any of you old pots and pans. The children would really appreciate it.

If you have any worries or concerns, please feel free to contact us straight away. We are more than happy to help sort out any problems, big or small.