19 Oct 2012

FS2 Week 42 2012

We have enjoyed another action-packed week in FS2. It has been good to enjoy the mild weather whilst investigating outside this week.

FS2 Construction

Repeating Patterns: Our children have thoroughly enjoyed creating repeating patterned necklaces this week. We hope that your child was able to talk to you about the pattern that was made.

Phonics and Homework: The children have been practising making, and sometimes writing, CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the letters “s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck”.

FS2 Art
Please support your child to practise these words at home. We recommend strongly that you only work with your child for a few minutes at a time. “A little and often” often works well with younger children.