5 Oct 2012

Fun Maths Lessons

52 Parents attended our Fun Maths Lessons today!

Parents and children had a fantastic Maths session today at Bielefeld School. The event was very well supported and 52 parents, in total, enjoyed an hour of maths investigations alongside their children.

In addition, parents were asked to fill in the Bielefeld School Maths Questionnaire. We will use this document to help plan any future events. All parents commented positively about the Maths Event. Selected quotes included:

'Great idea! My child is developing well in maths.'

'This is an excellent opportunity to take part in a maths lesson with my daughter.'

'I just want to thank you for this opportunity. It has allowed me to experience what my son does in school. It's not just play in FS2! (What I used to think.)'

Once again, on behalf of all of the staff at Bielefeld School, I would like to thank you for your fantastic support. 

I would also like to give a special mention to Mrs. Nyman and Miss Graham for their support in organising the event, and to our wonderful teachers and assistants who made the sessions so successful!

Enjoy your weekend,

Mark Westmoreland