10 Oct 2012

Year 3 Introduction

As the Year 3 Team, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, highlight some of the events coming up this year and outline our expectations in Year 3.

The Year 3 team
Mr. Askew (3A): after teaching in Ark School at JHQ, I am looking forward to working in Bielefeld School alongside Mrs. Banks in Year 3. We have lots of exciting ideas and plans for the academic year ahead! Mrs. Banks (3B): this is my second year at Bielefeld School and I am really looking forward to teaching the children in Y3 again. Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Hobbs: we will be working in Year 3 for one afternoon a week, to cover Y3A/B planning and preparation time. Mrs. Jefferys: I am the Learning Support Assistant in Y3A and am excited about working with all of the children! Mr. Davies: I am the Learning Support Assistant in Y3B and am excited about working with all of the children!
Learning Journals
We ask that parents and carers sign their child’s journal at least once a week and use the journal if there are any questions, concerns or messages for the school. All of the journals will be checked daily. As many of the children get the bus to school, journals offer an important means of communication. If you have access to the Internet, the school website is also another useful way of finding things out.

Reading And Homework
The children in Y3 will be expected to read at least 5 times a week at home. This could be for just 10 to 15min and the children must remember to log this reading in their journals. Maths and Literacy homework will be set weekly and sent home in a homework book. Homework will be handed out on Fridays and will need to be handed back in, completed, by the following Wednesday. Other homework may take the form of project work and may vary in terms of how long the children have to complete it. The children will be given information about homework to put in their journals on a weekly basis.

PE sessions will be on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons, so the children will need to bring in their PE kits on Monday mornings and leave them in school all week. (Please also don’t forget to label your child’s PE kit and uniform!) The correct PE kit is a plain white t-shirt (or white t-shirt with the school logo) and dark blue shorts. Suitable PE kit can be purchased from the School Office. Outdoor PE lessons also require trainers. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings should be removable and replaceable by the child.

The Term Ahead
This term, our main theme is ‘See the Light’, which will focus on the Hindu celebration of Diwali and on the Bonfire Night celebrations. In music, we will be learning to play the ukelele. Mr. Askew and Mrs. Banks are looking forward to becoming experts!

We look forward to meeting you soon and hope that your child has an enjoyable and rewarding time in Year 3.

Many thanks for you help and support,

Mrs. Sue Banks and Mr. Martin Askew