26 Oct 2012

Year 4 Week 43 2012

Well done to Year 4 for all of their fantastic work this half term.
In Literacy, Mr Kerray’s class have been continuing to work on their play scripts.  Miss Mead’s class have been looking at sentence structure; making sure that sentences make sense and that different punctuation is used correctly.

Big Maths Work
In Numeracy, Miss Mead’s class have been looking at quadrilaterals. We have been naming them, looking at their properties as well as investigating lines of symmetry and rotational symmetry.  Mr Kerray’s class have been looking at multiplication, using ‘double double’.

In Art, with Mr. Fidler, we are continuing with creating ‘The Globe’. We have been joining the panels made in previous sessions, in order to create the main structure of the theatre.  We still have lots of work to do but it is all taking shape!

During the holidays, remember that you can use the school website to access links to other websites. For example, all the games that we have been learning in German can be found on the right hand side under ‘SCE VLE German’.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday and look forward to seeing you back on the 5th of November.