23 Nov 2012

FS1 Week 47 2012

Camping Under The Stars
The children have really enjoyed their “Camping Under The Stars” unit and have developed their explorer skills over the last two weeks.

Our next two-week unit is based around the story 'This Is The Bear And The Scary Night'. The children will have lots of opportunities to complete lots of bear tasks and be on the look out for bears in the bear cave! If your child has any favourite bear stories at home, which they would like to share with their friends, they are more than welcome to bring them in for us to read.

Snack: Next week will be cheese and crackers, fruit salad, rice pudding, cereals and vegetable sticks and dips.

Cold weather: There seems to definitely be a winter nip in the air, so please make sure that you send a hat and gloves in for your child every day to wear as we like them to have fresh air, even in the cold weather. All of the children have a tray in school, so you can leave a set of hats and gloves in school if you want to, to make sure there is always a set on hand.

Early leave planned?: If you are planning to finish before Thursday 20 December, when the school closes, please let your child’s key worker know. We can then make sure that they take home with them all of the things that they have made. Thank you.

Important dates: Christmas holiday, the FS1 Setting breaks up on Thursday 20th at 12.30hrs. This means that there will be no afternoon EDC on that day. The main school closes at 13.15hrs. We are back to school Tuesday 08 January, as Monday is a staff training day.

The FOBS' Christmas Fayre is on Friday 07 December between 10am and 12 noon. More information is available on this website. Simply search, or browse, for 'Christmas Fayre'.