30 Nov 2012

FS1 Week 48 2012

Playing Co-operatively With Friends
The children have enjoyed the first week of their “This is the bear and the scary night” topic. The role play area has been transformed, yet again, and it is now a park with a pond, where the bear is left. But, don’t worry, the bear is saved by a man with a trombone and, the next day, the little boy comes back to find his bear safe and sound.

Snack: Our snack next week will be beans on toast, waffles and apple compote, salad wraps, fruit kebabs and tuna/egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

Cold weather: There seems to be a winter nip in the air, so please make sure that you send a hat and gloves in for your child every day to wear. We like the children to have fresh air, even in the cold weather. All of the children have a tray in school, so you can leave a set of hats and gloves in school if you want to, to make sure there is always a set on hand.

Early leave planned? If you are planning to finish before Thursday 20 December, please let your child’s key worker know. We can then make sure that they take home all of the things they have made. Thank you.

Stay and Play: There will be nO Stay and Play on Friday 07 December, as the school Christmas Fayre will be on from 10am to 12 noon.

Christmas holiday: the school breaks up on Thursday 20 December at 12.30. This means that there will be no afternoon EDC on that day. The main school closes at 13.15hrs.
We are back to school on Tuesday 08 January, as Monday is a staff training day.

FOBS' Christmas Fayre: The Fayre will take place on Friday 07 December between 10am and 12 noon.

Whole school Christmas Performance: The Performance is on Thursday 13 December, starting at 10.10 in the School Hall. The FS1 children are involved. They will be coming in near the end of the event to sing their song and join in with the finale song. FS1 will be singing “The Rocking Carol”. We have attached the word to this week’s newsletter in case you want to practise them at home.

Monday 03 December: The FS1 Parent’s Meetings will take place between 1 and 3pm.