9 Nov 2012

Year 2 Week 45 2012

What a great first week back! Year 2 had a fabulous day out on Tuesday. We looked closely at the features of Sparrenburg Castle and then travelled to the Tier Park. The children really enjoyed seeing all of the different animals, particularly the bears. 

A Bielefeld Bear - Related to BB?
In Literacy, we have been writing recounts about our trip, focussing on using time connectives (e.g., first, next, then, after that) and correct punctuation.

In Numeracy, Mrs. Nyman’s group have been working on solving addition and subtraction problems and partitioning 2 digit numbers.  Miss Cunningham’s group has been investigating measures – time, capacity and weight.

Homework. Please continue to work on the creative projects.  We have already had some completed pieces sent in – they are looking fantastic! Please can completed models and posters be returned to school on, or before, 21 November? Thank you.