30 Nov 2012

Year 4 Week 48 2012

St. Andrew's Day Achievement Assembly
Happy St. Andrew’s Day.

Next week will see the beginning of Advent; a significant time for Christians. We will study the themes of ‘waiting’ and ‘preparation.’

This week, we have had end of term assessments for Maths and Reading.

Our Wedding celebration, which will be the climax of our term's work, is ‘thundering ahead.’ The boys have decided which music will play a part in our ceremony and another group has planned and edited their ideas for how to decorate the event! More details to follow.

In Mathematics, we have revised 2-D shape. We are extending this to making connections with 3-shape. We have been making links with shape vocabulary and its practical application.

With Mr Fidler, the replica of the Globe Theatre is coming on at a pace! The audience is in!

Miss Mead is continuing to work with both classes on the iPad app, called Book Creator. We hope the creative learning project is coming along well.