16 Nov 2012

Year 5 Week 46 2012

SCE Netball Tournament At John Buchan School
Year 5 children have worked really hard this week on improving their writing, by using prepositions and time connectives. Here are some examples of the work they have produced:

Under the slippery, damp, dark deck, Stella Artois was curled up in the cabin below my bed. By Onalish Limbu

Until we arrived in Africa, I had no idea that this is where we were travelling to. By Jack Titley

We have been looking at number facts this week in Mathematics (in Miss Reed’s group). Please could all of the children practice their 3, 4, 5 and 6 times tables for their homework, as this is an area that we need to practice. Maths Challenge will be sent out again next Friday.

All of the children have been learning about Voyages and Exploration as their topic for this term. They have been given a homework project today, to complete over the next few weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.

PS Well done to the Year 5 and 6 pupils who took part in the Netball Tournament at John Buchan School on Thursday of this week! All of the children played fantastically well and won a number of games against local SCE schools. Despite the cold weather, the children’s spirits were high and they were extremely supportive of their peers. They were all brilliant team players and were well behaved at all times. We are so proud of how well they did that we have decided that the children can keep their tracksuits.