19 Dec 2012

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Here are some of the Literacy and Science related treats on television over Christmas. Parents and carers might like to set their TV recorders accordingly. 

The dates and UK times were correct at the time of writing. Please do check for any changes.
  • 18.25 hrs Sun 23 Dec, Raymond Briggs' picture book The Snowman, Channel 4.
  • 16.35 hrs Mon 24 Dec, Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo's Child, BBC1.
  • 20.00 hrs Mon 24 Dec, Raymond Briggs' The Snowman And The Snow Dog, Channel 4.
  • 06.55 hrs Tue 25 Dec, Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas, Channel 4.
  • 09.00 hrs Tue 25 Dec, Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo, BBC1.
  • 16.35 hrs Tue 25 Dec, Julia Donaldson's Room On The Broom. BBC1.
  • 20.00 hrs Wed 26 to Friday 28 Dec, The Royal Institution's Christmas Lecture series about Modern Alchemy. BBC Four. We prepare every girl and boy for worthwhile careers in Science at Bielefeld School!
  • 18.50 hrs every day, CBeebies' Bedtime Stories. BBC CBeebies.
Films, which parents and carers may deem suitable include:
  • Tangled, ITV1, Christmas Day, 15.10 hrs.
  • Alice In Wonderland, BBC1, Boxing Day, 18.50 hrs.
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, BBC1, Dec 28, 15.30 hrs.
Go ahead. Fill your stockings with quality television programmes that fuel your children's love of reading and chemistry this Christmas.

Don't forget that your children have free access to the Literacy and Science resources in Education City too. Your children's login details are pasted into their Journal Planners. We suggest regular City visits of no more than 20 minutes, to sustain and improve their learning standards, over the festive holiday.