9 Dec 2012

Year 3 Week 49 2012

Rehearsing For Sunday's Carol Concert
We look forward to seeing many of our parents and carers at 5pm today, Sunday 09 December, at the Anglo German Carol Concert, in the St. Nikolai Church, in the Altstadt; whatever the weather!

Our rehearsals of Christmas Lights and King Of All The World have been going well and the children are  very keen to show off their singing skills in front of a large audience. 

You can eavesdrop on Friday's dress rehearsal here:

In Maths last week, the children worked hard on their multiplication and division skills. Please keep encouraging them to learn their times tables facts.

In English, we have been preparing the children for their next Big Write, when they will be writing a set of instructions. 

It was good to see so many parents and carers at the Parent’s Evening last week.