7 Dec 2012

Year 4 Week 49 2012

Mock Up of the Thames And London
Another busy week in Year 4.

It was so good to see so many parents during the Parent/Teacher Consultations.

The first Advent candle has been lit! We will continue to study the theme of Waiting and Preparation.

Our Wedding celebration will take place on Wednesday 19 December. A little bit of advance warning: it would be wonderful to see the children in all their finery. They could bring a change of ‘wedding’ clothes with them on that day, in a marked bag. We will also be asking you to provide a small snack for the ‘Wedding Buffet.’ We will inform you of this early next week.

In Mathematics, we have been studying Data Handling, looking at how data is represented in a mathematical form. We have been working on Tally Charts, Pictograms and Bar Charts. Miss Mead’s set has been looking at Division.

In Literacy, Mr.Kerray has continued to work on Persuasive Openers, in preparation for ‘The Big Write.’ Miss Mead’s class has been looking at Information Text around their London theme.

Miss Mead is continuing to work with both classes on the iPads.