14 Dec 2012

Year 6 Week 50 2012

King's School Christmas Fair
What a wonderful week! Year 6 did themselves proud; performing ‘Silent Night’ on their guitars for the Christmas concert yesterday.

We had a lovely time at the King’s Christmas fair this morning. The children purchased various treats and games from the Year 11 enterprise stalls.

This afternoon, the children enjoyed party games and dancing at DJ Askew’s disco in the school hall.

There will be no homework this week. When we return in the New Year, we will continue our quest to achieve to the best of our ability, with enthusiasm and gusto. 

Feel free to work on your times table facts, as these are imperative to becoming and accomplished mathematicians

Creative homework projects certificates, stickers and feedback sheets are almost complete and will be handed out next week.

Reacquaintance At King's School