18 Jan 2013

Year 4 Week 3 2013

Another great week in Year 4!

Year 4 Violins, Wider Opportunities.
We have started out topic of ‘Into the Freezer’ by looking at what is good and bad about the cold weather and the snow.

In Literacy, Miss Mead’s class has been working on different sentence openers and using a range of connectives. The children completed their Big Write this morning and have included all of the elements that we have been working on in the last couple of weeks.

Mr. Kerray’s class has been reading ‘The Ice Palace’, which is going to be the focus for this topic.

In Numeracy, Miss Mead’s group has been looking at fractions of numbers and quantities. Mr. Kerray’s class has been working on place value and multiplying numbers by 10.

In Art, the children were creating a model of The Globe Theatre. It is now finished and looking fantastic.