11 Jan 2013

Year 5 Week 2 2013

Improvising - Space
It has been a super start to the year in Year 5 this week.

The children have continued to show great enthusiasm for learning about Space and writing their reports about space travel, as you can see in this picture!

The children have been very keen to share all of the facts that they know and a lot of the children have shared the information that they have researched at home.

Mathematics - Fractions
Next week, we will be starting our new topic, which is Chocolate Sensation. We will be reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl as our class book and we will be basing our writing on it too.

We will be alternating the homework this term - so, instead of sending Maths homework home every week, there will be some short Literacy tasks to complete also. We will send out homework books for the Literacy work to be completed in, with the task stuck in.

Miss Reed’s Maths Group has been learning about fractions of amounts this week. We went down to the hall and used different PE equipment to split up numbers of objects equally. If you ask us, we can tell you how to find ¼ and a ½, and some of us can explain ¾ of an amount!