11 Jan 2013

Year 6 Week 2 2013

Drawing With Mr. Fidler
Welcome back to a new and exciting term, where we will be focusing on ‘going for goals’ as part of our Social and Emotional aspects of learning and Citizenship.

In history, we have spent this week finishing off our WWII learning; using medals to identify where battles of the Second World War took place. We have also considered religious perspectives on war and peace and how war can be justified.

Our topic for this term is ‘Reflections…’. We will be learning about water imagery, rivers, ancient Egypt and the River Nile and why the River Ganges is important to Hindu people.

Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes to organise our trip to London at the lowest possible cost to parents. We have been fortunate enough to receive some financial support from HQ SCE. A letter, with the final details, should be on its way to you within the next week or so. This will be followed by parent meeting at the beginning of February, so finer details can be arranged.

Homework will resume next week. We will be concentrating on the literacy and mathematics skills needed to succeed in the national tests in May.