4 Jun 2014

Slip, Slop, Slap, Sip, Shade!

Summer, Ahoy! © 2014 Bielefeld School
Higher temperatures and humidity levels lie ahead!

As summer approaches, we ask all parents and carers to ensure that their children SLIP on light, absorbent, cotton school uniform in the mornings. This will protect most of their children's skin from the sun's damaging ultra violet radiation during the day.

We also ask parents and carers to SLOP plenty of high factor sun screen onto all exposed areas of their children's skin, before they leave for school in the mornings.

If enough of the correct factor sun screen is applied, children will not need any additional sun screen to be applied before they return home in the afternoons. Please do use a recognised brand of sun screen that is well within its use-by date.

We ask parents and carers, too, to ensure that their children have a brimmed sun hat to wear at school, so that they can SLAP on suitable head dress at outdoor play times.

Lastly, we ask all parents and carers to ensure that their children have a water bottle at school. Children should SIP from these bottles during the day and refill them from our many water fountains.

Ideally, children should be taught to look for the bodily signs of dehydration - e.g., light headedness, dark coloured urine - and encouraged actively to drink plenty of still water, rather than sugary, fizzy pop.

We take sun protection seriously at Bielefeld School, as part of our health and safety strategy. There are many SHADY spots in the school grounds, where children can seek refuge from the sun's heat at the hottest time of the day.

Thank you for helping us to ensure the safety and long term health of your children whilst they are at school.