27 Sep 2013

Year 6 Week 39 2013

Year 6 Meeting The Parachute Regiment Band Today 
We had a fantastic week in Year 6.

The children have worked especially hard, learning about the persuasive language in WW2 propaganda materials, and they have come up with some amazing slogans of their own.

In Mathematics, the children have worked with negative numbers and this week’s homework relates to this topic. Please note that the homework is due in next Wednesday and, if there are any queries about it, the children should feel free to come and ask me about it next week.

In Computer Science, we have continued to explore WW2 propaganda posters. We have examined closely and discussed thoroughly the clear and hidden messages found on these posters.

As a special treat, our children and staff welcomed the band of the Parachute Regiment today. The band’s performance was a musical delight and the children, especially, enjoyed it very much.

As the weather is getting chilly, especially in the mornings, please make sure that your child is sent to school with warm clothes and appropriate footwear. Then, they can enjoy our outdoor activities fully and comfortably. Thank you.