13 Sep 2013

Year FS2 Week 37 2013

Die Bahn!
We have had another busy and fun filled week in FS2.

We now have a favourite song: "Fabby Dabby Dee". We hope to sing it for you one day soon. Perhaps on one of our “Stay and Play” sessions. We propose the last Friday of every month for “Stay and Play”, between 2pm and 3pm. The Fridays for this term will be 27/09/13, 25/10/13 and 29/11/13.

We hope to begin using the Large School Hall for PE on Mondays, so please send PE kits in on Mondays. We will return them on Friday to be washed.

On the subject of clothes, we ask you to send in spare clothes for your child, please. Any extra clothes that you can donate would be very gratefully received. 

Please find individual Education City log in details at the front of your child’s journal. 

www.educationcity.com is a fabulous website, on which you and your child can learn skills and knowledge that will be valuable in school. Try the site this weekend.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend.