2 May 2014

Year 2 Week 18 2014

Letter Writing With Speed Spelling
Welcome back to all the children! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing break.

This week the children have settled straight back into school and have been working really hard.

In Literacy, Mrs Khan’s class has been exploring how to write a letter accurately and Miss Barker’s class has been looking at information texts.

In Numeracy this week, the children were split into their new groups. Miss Barker’s group has been focussing on a variety of word problems and Mrs Khan’s class has been looking at multiplying, repeated addition, division and repeated subtraction using a blank number line. Mrs Baker’s group has been going over 2D and 3D shapes.

Just a quick reminder that there is a lot of information in the back of your child’s journal, such as times tables and time, which will help them greatly with the SATs that they will be taking this year.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Mrs. Khan and Miss Barker