9 May 2014

Year 2 Week 19 2014

Year 2, learning about letter writing today
This week, in Literacy, Mrs Khan’s class has been looking at the structure of letters and have tried hard to make their paragraphs interesting by including a range of adjectives and punctuation. Miss Barker’s class has continued their information writing about the Great Fire of London.

In Numeracy, Miss Barker’s group has been exploring numbers to 1000 and learning different ways to identify multiples, Mrs Khan’s group has been creating and answering multiplication and division word problems and Mrs Baker’s group has been going over counting and calculating.

We have noticed that some of the children have not been reading every night and getting their journals signed. Please ensure that you spend about 10 minutes each night reading with your child. Also, don’t forget to sign the journal, so we can keep accurate reading records!

Many thanks for your continued support. Mrs Khan and Miss Barker