16 May 2014

Year 2 Week 20 2014

Arabian Dance Club - Year 2 Swish And Jingle
This week, in Literacy, Mrs Khan’s class has been focussing on improving their comprehension skills. Whilst Miss Barker’s class has written some lovely facts about the life cycle of a butterfly.

In Numeracy, Mrs Khan’s group has been learning how to use objects and a blank number line to solve tens and units add tens and units problems. We even looked at adding hundreds, tens and units together!

Miss Barker’s group has been learning how to solve tens and units add tens and units using the expanded column method, and Mrs Baker’s group has been recapping adding and subtracting from a given number, as well as recapping number bonds to 10 and 20.

In Topic, Mrs Khan’s class has nearly completed their Island mini-topic by creating some islands out of clay and some ‘very old’ treasure maps. Miss Barker’s class has continued their topic on Dinosaurs and has started to make lots of creative things with Mr Fidler.

Have a great weekend! Mrs Khan and Miss Barker