23 May 2014

Year 3 Week 21 2014

Wax Relief In Art
As we approach the half – term holiday we have made the most of the sunny weather by having outdoor games lessons where the children have been developing their rounders skills!

In Literacy we finished off our magazine covers and then worked on our Introductory speech highlighting the qualities of Theseus and Ariadne. The children have thought of some excellent phrases using powerful adjectives and similes.

The Place Of Greece, Geographically
In Mathematics Mr. Kerray’s group have been working on the column method of subtraction and Mr. Askew’s group have worked on shape and angles.

ICT this week was a last chance to research Greece on the BBC Primary History website and then a ‘Mathletics workout’ with the children earning more points!

RE this week was following up the story of the Prodigal Son , using a fortune line and ‘ Sorry Bags’!

Ancient Greek Publications

In Art the children have been exploring wax etchings.

Your child has been given their creative homework task for the summer term of designing a 3D maze for the Minotaur.

  • Please remember a daily reading session of about 10 minutes will really help your child’s progress. Also a few questions about what
  • they have read will help aid comprehension.
  • Please return homework folders every Wednesday so that new tasks can be added.
  • Please bring in P.E kits on Monday -  these will be sent home on Fridays.

Many Thanks for your continued support! Have an enjoyable holiday! Mr. Askew and Mr. Kerray