9 May 2014

Year 4 Week 19 2014

Indoor rounders, on a cooler and wetter day this week
The children have been continuing their hard work this week.

In English, Miss Mead’s class hove been using descriptive language and hove also been changing elements of a well-known story. Mrs Westmoreland’s class hove been continuing their work on 'Flat Stanley' and hove been text mapping the story.

In Maths, Miss Mead’s group have been adding the greater than and less than signs to statements and have been solving division problems where they need to decide whether to round their final answers up or down. Mr Westmoreland’s group hove been problem solving and have been using the expanded column method and the column method of addition and subtraction.

In Topic, we have been continuing our work on the Romans and in art with Mr Fidler, the children have been designing their own mosaic coasters.

Thank you for your support, Miss Mead and Mrs Westmoreland