9 May 2014

Year 5 Week 19 2014

In Literacy this week, the children have continued to explore the language and story of ‘The Highwayman’ and have produced some incredible and powerful pictures based on imagery and descriptions in the poem.  We have also begun to look at the key events that take place in the story.

Solving Word Problems In Maths
The children thoroughly enjoyed their drama session this week with Mrs Hood.  The enthusiasm and excitement was clear on the children’s faces as they took part in ‘freeze frame’ activities and worked in groups to create a soundscape for the opening stanza the ‘The Highwayman’.

In Maths, Mrs Pond-Barrett’s group have been working on strengthening and extending our knowledge of addition and subtraction strategies when using 4-digit numbers.  We have been using these skills more and more when solving calculations mentally and when solving word problems.  Mr Westmoreland’s group have been continuing to develop their ability to use different multiplication strategies and apply these to solving word problems.

We have begun our new Geography based topic this week.  The children will be learning all about mountain environments during the term.  Working in groups, the children researched a different environment, creating a group mind map and individual posters describing the features of their particular environment.  

  • The children have some homework linked to their topic this week. (See separate note) - The children can present their research in any way they’d like to, for example, a poster, fact file or a mind map.
  • From next week, the children will begin to work on times table challenges as part of their maths homework.  The aim is to develop and improve the children’s rapid recall of their times tables.
  • Please continue to ensure that your child reads every day and their journals are signed.
Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett