16 May 2014

Year 5 Week 20 2014

Netball Club - Year 5 In Action
We have some amazing gymnasts in Year 5!  The children have been developing their gymnastic skills using various combinations of pushing, pulling, swinging and gripping.

The children have worked individually to practice these skills, then worked in pairs or groups of 3 to create a short movement sequence which had to include a push into a shoulder stand and pushing & swinging movements.  The perseverance of the children was great to see.  A shoulder stand without wobbling is not easy, working in time in a group is even harder!

The children have also been learning the under-arm and over-arms serve in tennis.  Some of the children have quite accurate tennis serves already.  This is something we will be continuing to develop and refine next week.  The children could also practise their serves at home too!

Musical Theatre Club - Year 5 In Even More Action
In Literacy this week we have continued our work on The Highwayman.  We have explored the parts of the poem, summarised them into 6 key events and created our own story boards of these events.  We have also looked at individual characters, their feeling and thoughts about what was happening and why they behaved the way they did.  The characters were then ‘hot-seated’ and answered our burning questions!

In Maths, Mrs Pond-Barrett’s groups have investigated and calculated the areas and perimeters of rectangles, squares and other shapes.  The children found it quite surprising that even though the area of a selection of shapes might be the same, the perimeter can be different!
Year 5 Has Members In Rounders' Club

Mr Westmoreland’s group have further developed their multiplication skills using 2-digit numbers and dividing 3-digit numbers by single-digit numbers.  They have also been investigating number rules.

Homework: The children have some topic related homework this week. They have some research to complete about a particular mountain range. The research will form part of a small group project, so it is important that the children answer their set of questions in as much detail as possible. The children can also add photographs/ images of their particular mountain range to support their projects.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett