9 May 2014

Year FS1 Week 19 2014

Outdoor play today

The children have had an enjoyable week learning lots of number rhymes, see how many they can sing to you at home

The theme for the next two weeks is ‘Once upon a time ...’ where we will have adventures with knights and princesses and learn some facts about castles. There will be a fancy dress prince and princess party on Wednesday 21st May for the children to celebrate together all of their hard work.

Snack: Next week snack will be: vegetables, breadsticks and dips, waffles and vanilla sauce, bread, ham and cheese, rice cakes and savoury kebabs.

Home School Journals: Please can you remember to sign the home school journal to show us that you have read with your child and that you have read the weekly newsletter. Thank you 

Fun in the sun!

Wellies: Please can you have a quick check the next time you come into the setting that your child’s wellies still fit their feet, some of the children seem to have had a growth spurt over the holidays and are struggling to get their new big feet into their wellies, thank you.

Stay and Play: Don’t forget, stay and play is on each Friday 11-12.30. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dates for your calendar:
  • May half term: Monday 26th may-Friday 30th May.
  • INSET Day-Monday 30th June- school closed for children.
  • Last day of term: Friday 18th July- Please remember that there will be no EDC that day as the session finishes at 12.30 (main school closes at 1.15)
Please remember, if you have any worries or concerns, please speak to one of us. The FS1 Team.