2 May 2014

Year FS2 Week 18 2014

Drawing a picture of a story,
listening to our story headsets
It was so lovely to see the children again after the two week break. They are growing and becoming more mature by the day.

We have had a lovely week. The children were a credit to you and to the school on our visit to Kriemmelmanns Cafè on Tuesday.

The members of staff at the Cafè were also very impressed and presented each child with a parting chocolate gift. We then made a Thank You card to deliver to them. We may go back before the end of term to buy 'take-aways' next time.

We hope that from this experience the children will be able to show you our class café and serve you well when you come to Stay and Play next week.

Savouring one of our two big plasma TVs
Next week we will discuss ways to say 'thank you' in lots of ways in different times in our lives and how other people say thank you.

We have also tasted lots of different fruits this week and had to choose 3 top favourites. Next week we hope to use this information to make physical graphs and 2D versions on paper to show what we have discovered about all of our likes and dislikes.

Our next hour long Stay and Play session will be on Friday 09 May at 14.15hrs.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend. Mrs Kerray and Mrs Baxter.