9 May 2014

Year FS2 Week 19 2014

Experimenting with our
climbing frames
Time is flying by much too quickly in FS2. So much to do!

The children have had opportunities to discuss how some people take time to reflect, be still or pray. Next week we hope to develop this by thinking about the many ways we can say thank you and will make prayer flags to hang in our café.

We have also developed our Fruit theme to thinking about safe and healthy practices and the children have impressed us by what they know already.

The graph we made together gave lots of opportunities for counting, comparing and adding numbers. Next week we hope to introduce and develop the concept of adding two numbers using a new strategy "counting on".

The café continues to be a good place to learn and we even heard rumblings of a B+B! But will we have time for renovation?

Please remember to send your child's PE kit for our sessions on Mondays. With the changeable weather please send a coat (just in case) to keep warm!

Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend  J