16 May 2014

Year FS2 Week 20 2014

Sizing Up The Pineapple In Art
Another fun packed week in FS2 with our focus continuing to be Being Healthy and Staying Safe.
The children have discussed and sorted foods into some foods that we can eats lots of and some foods that we should eat only a little of.

We have been trying very hard to write words and sentences, talking about capital letters and full stops.

As well as this the children are trying to see a picture in their heads of the letters they need to make a word (segmenting) and that is very tricky. However we keep on trying! An attribute we try to promote to aid life – long learning, not only learning in FS2!
Traditional Playground Games Club

Some of the children made some amazing observational drawings of pineapples and strawberries with Mr Fidler and the other children will have a go next week. Please have a look next time you are in school.

Next week our Healthy Programme will focus on Exercise and Fitness.

Our next Stay and Play will be June 13th 2.15- 3.10 pm

Thank you for your support and have a lovely Weekend