20 Jun 2014

Year 1 Week 25 2014

Writing Practise Today
In Literacy, this week, each child has rewritten a story. Our children have been working hard to include connectives, descriptive words, capital letters and full stops in their writing.

In Mathematics, the children have been using addition to solve problems. We are sure that your child will enjoy explaining how they have helped Mrs Carroll with Forest School Mathematics.

Outdoor Learning: Please help your child to remember to bring a raincoat, cap and water bottle each day.

Reviewing Written Work Together

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check: Well done to every child for producing “your very best” this week! We are extremely proud of all our Year 1 children. We would also like to thank all parents and carers for the support you have given at home.

Homework: Because the children have worked “extra hard” practising their phonics recently, we have decided not to give out any formal homework this week. Please enjoy using the extra time to read together.
Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Mrs Halstead