13 Jun 2014

Year 4 Week 24 2014

Reinforcing The Perimeter
There has been more fantastic work from Year 4 this week.

Miss Mead’s class have been completing reading assessments as well as continuing their work on persuasive writing. 

The children have finished learning the whole class text map and have been looking at ‘topic sentences’. 

Role Playing Boudicca and The Romans
In Mrs Westmoreland’s class, the children have been creating their own songs about Arminius.

In Maths, Miss Mead’s group have been completing assessments and creating their mixed fruity drinks they designed last week.

They have also been looking at perimeter.  Mrs Westmoreland’s group have been using the greater than and less than signs with decimals.

In music, the children are making fantastic progress with their flutes and clarinets. They are working on pieces that can be played together and we were very impressed yesterday when they were able to play a song they had never seen before after about 10minutes of practise!

Thank you for your support, Miss Mead and Mrs Westmoreland