6 Jun 2014

Year 5 Week 23 2014

Year 5 Brass Tuition
Welcome back!  We hope that you all had an enjoyable half-term break and that all batteries are recharged ready for the final half-term of the school year!
In Literacy this week, the children have been introduced to their new unit of work; ‘Legends’.  We have looked at the similarities between myths and legends and identified the features of legendary stories.  This was further enhanced during our drama session with Mrs Hood.  The children actively explored 2 legends; Sir Rowland Alston and The Green Lady of Longleat. 

The question posed at the end of the session was: There is something currently on exhibition at Longleat House linked to the story of The Green Lady of Longleat, what is it?

Hitting The Right Notes!
Mrs Pond-Barrett’s Maths group have continued to work with fractions and decimals.  They have compared numbers with 2 decimals places and positioned them onto a number line, before moving onto adding and subtracting multiples of 0.1 and 0.01 to or from numbers with 2 decimal places.

Mr Westmoreland’s group have been exploring and calculating the area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes, and adapting this to real life concepts. Creative Homework Project! The children have received their creative homework projects this week.
We have been learning about caring for the environment as part of our topic, ‘Going Green’.  Part of this topic involves developing an understanding about the part that reusing and recycling plays in helping to improve the environment and that not everything we throw away is rubbish; It can be re-used and maybe turned it into something else!
The children’s task is:
  • To turn your household rubbish into something else!
  • Something with a new purpose/use/function.
  • Give something you are about to throw away a new lease of life!
  • Completed projects need to be brought into school by Friday 27th June
The children are already buzzing with ideas, I am excited to see their creations! 
Thank you for your continued support. Have a great weekend! Mrs Pond-Barrett