1 Jul 2014

Year 6 King's School Taster Day 02 July

The King's School Taster Day is on Wednesday 02 July.

Parents and carers are responsible for booking their children onto the correct King's bus, for their journey to school on that day. Children must be collected at the end of the day, as they will not be returning on the King's buses. Advice and guidance is available from the bus escorts on Bielefeld military 3128.

Parents and carers need to be at the school for 15:30 hrs (14:30 hrs onwards is optional, if you want to visit the school shop for uniform).

Children must take with them: a healthy packed lunch with a water bottle, Bielefeld School PE kit and a pencil case containing an appropriate range of writing and drawing tools.

Bielefeld School uniform is to be worn on the day, supplemented by sun hats, waterproofs etc., according to the weather forecast.

Further information is available from King's School.