13 Jun 2014

Year FS2 Week 24 2014

Painting Al Fresco
We have had a wibbly wobbly week with the children getting to know the sequence of the story and the main characters in Mrs Wobble the Waitress. But in contrast  we have had a very settled response to our new morning routines. We are so proud of your children. 

We have experimented with jelly, sniffing it, squeezing it, cutting it, melting it and learning a new scientific word “dissolve”. We hope you enjoyed the results at Stay and Play today.

The Mud Kitchen is a roaring success and we apologise if you have had very muddy clothes to clean. We insist the children wear wellington boots and we will now make sure they wear an apron too. However if you would like to send in an old t shirt, please do, and your little mud lover can change before going to the Mud Kitchen.

Thank you very much for your snack contributions. Thank you to those of you who are remembering to send in a sun hat – please keep remembering, we never know when the sun will come out!

Have a lovely day on Sunday all you wonderful Dads. Thank you for your support and have a lovely weekend!