11 Jul 2014

Summer Concert 2014

Year 5 on Cornet ...
On Wednesday 16 July, at 14.00hrs in the School Hall, Bielefeld School will hold a Summer Concert, to celebrate the wonderful music that the children have played and sung this year.

Accordingly, your child(ren) must bring any instruments that are on loan to them, to school next week, please.

All parents, carers and close family members, who are currently 'on tour' in Germany, are invited to attend. Light refreshments will be available.

Mr Reeves has been extremely busy writing music to complement 'Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain' by Verna Aardema and 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' by Helen Oxenbury and Michael Rosen.

Year 6 on Guitar ... and, possibly, ...
KS1 on Tubular Bells!
Every child in Key Stage 2 will participate in 'Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain', by singing and playing the instruments that they have been learning this year. This will include Year 3 on the ukulele, Year 4 on the clarinet and flute, Year 5 on the cornet and Year 6 on the guitar.

Every child in Key Stage 1 will participate in 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. This will involve the children singing and using un-tuned percussion, to re-create the hazards that the characters encounter during the story, in a musical form.

We look forward to seeing as many close family members at school, at 2 o'clock, next Wednesday afternoon as possible. We will celebrate royally the excellent music tuition that is provided to Bielefeld School, not only by Mr Reeves, but by all of our peripatetic and permanent musical tutors. 

Parents and carers may take their children home after the performance.

PS In the long corridor, from the Reception Desk to the School Hall, we will display items that are currently loafing in our Lost Property area. We invite parents and carers to look carefully in the corridor, for any items that are definitely their property, and to reunite those lost items with their children :) The School reserves the right to dispose of any items still in Lost Property at 12 noon on Friday 18 July by an eco-friendly and economic method of its choice.