4 Jul 2014

Year 1 Week 27 2014

Weights and ...
In Literacy this week, we have written instructions for our FS2 children, explaining how to make a sandcastle. Each child identified the “bossy words” that they needed to use.

The children put the instructions into the correct order and numbered them. Then each child wrote a set of instructions, taking care to include “wow” words, capital letters and full stops.

We hope that the FS2 children enjoy following our instructions next week.

... Measures
In Mathematics the children have been estimating the length, weight or capacity of objects. Each child then measured carefully to find out the actual length, weight or capacity.

We have also been working with money in Mathematics. The children have added prices to find a total. They have had experience of giving the correct change from e.g. 20p.

Year 1 Trip Please remember to send your child with everything needed for our trip on Monday 7th July.

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Mrs Halstead