11 Jul 2014

Year 1 Week 28 2014

Year 1, bird spotting this week
In Literacy this week the children have enjoyed writing a recount of their trip to the Vogel Park. Every child worked hard to include capital letters, full stops, time connectives and descriptive words in their writing.

The children were encouraged to look carefully at the variety of birds at the Vogel Park. Each child sketched some birds of their choice during our trip. The children have all drawn colourful birds which will be displayed at school.
Which bird is the Flamingo?

In Mathematics the children have been solving money problems. Each child had to decide how to make an amount of money from a limited selection of coins. The children have also been recording addition and subtraction number sentences, taking care to form numbers correctly.

Next week our timetable will be altered due to some end of term activities. Your child will not need to bring clothing and footwear for Forest Schools on Wednesday 16th July. Please send your child with a waterproof coat and sunhat every day as normal. Your child will then be equipped for any learning that takes place outside. Please also send your child with a named carrier bag next week, so that they can bring all their belongings home.

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Hawker and Mrs Halstead.